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I'm pretty sure you were the guy Chloe was with, do you know what happened to her?

Brooklyn Tally
No ma'am. She just upped and left with my kid so.. I have no clue.. sorry sweetheart

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What's your dream girl?

Alaska. That's all I can say

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chloe left

I'm aware of that now, and she gave me no explanation so..if you could fill me in that'd be great mate.

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What are you addicted to?

Jack Daniels Whiskey and sex

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Do you miss anyone right now?

Alaska and our unborn child along with Chloe & I's unborn baby girl Kennedy Jayde

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Your sister was doing on dates with another guy, so he moved on. Honestly though aubrie is a nice and sweet girl and she dumped you because your dramatic. Deal with it.

Dates? Oh you mean being civil and having dinner with the father of her child where NOTHING happened? Lol ok sweetheart ok. He's gonna regret it honestly. Or aubrie will beg for me back AGAIN. like always. And sweet? oh ok so leaving me for her asshole ex is sweet. bitching and whining about me being Alaska's baby father because "it was suppose to be me and her" is sweet. fuck off bitch like seriously. I have Alaska. That's all that matters to me now. Yeah I'd love for my sister to be giddy happy again but that won't happen so soon.

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Wow, you look rather hot from what I can see in your pic, I bet you look awesome completely naked !!

oh I am ;)

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you and alaska are kayoooot

I'm aware. ha. She's perfection in the finest form honestly

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Stop giving aubrie shit for moving on to a better person to be with.

LOL fuck off fagg. Better person? please. He broke my fucking sister's heart. And aubrie isn't fucking shit at all. She's worthless to me. She's honestly the fucking funniest slut bitch whore I've ever met. Hey aubrie since you probably stalk all my shit have fun fucking Jon or Eden or whatever the fuck his name is. deuces bitch

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What was the last song you heard?

I Got A Jar Of Dirt - Cap'n Jack Sparrow

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