Ask @kaylaaliciamarie:

haapy birthday.

omg this is late but thanks

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What is your favorite Quentin Tarantino movie?

um. that movie with jamie foxx
um.. django or something.
i don't know shit..

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What time do you usually go to sleep?

whenever I get sleepy

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What would your dream house be like?

um yeah

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Love is...?

fucked up.
but at the same time, beautiful.
so basically, love is a horribly beautiful thing.
i guess?

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What are your plans for the Valentine's Day?

eating choclate & watching the vow, the notebook, and love actually.
woop ~

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kayla bby its your hoe. i just logged on and you're not on but i wanna make sure you're ok and shit. message me when you see this pls.

i'm okay bby

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Ermahgawd, my name twin! Why you no pm me?

sorry bby
imma pm you right now.
i have a shitload of pms to answer

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What's the best movie you've seen lately?

idenity theif c':

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How tall are you?

uumm.. 5 foot.

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About kayla alicia marie:

i αm kαylα . . .
i enjoy long wαlks to the fridge
αnd tumblr.

lala land