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Kayla ReyAnn Valles
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I miss you Kayla, much much love❤️❤️❤️


pia!!! i miss you more!! i need to come down and visit! 😉 much much more love for you!! ❤

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Who is pupuka


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Pap of Recent Snaps?

Have you ever broken up with a friend?

mmmm no

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10 and you are very nice to me and you are okay at basketball 😉


thanks aaron 😉

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Who is more jealous - girls or boys?

depends on who the boy or girl is some people dont

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Pap of snapchat best friends


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Brother from another mother? Have one?

probs Ethan

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What makes you laugh the most?

pp makes me laugh

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Last kiss? With who?

Eric my boiii

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What is the best song of all time?


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Tbh I wish you weren't waiting on a missionary and your really pretty and really fun to be around

thank you, who is this?!

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so so pretty😍❤


thanks Michelle 😘❤

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Tbh- you are probably my favorite girl from Pima! And I hardly know you but you are so so pretty! And we need to go to the temple again and hangout sometime!


thank you, you are gorgeous too! just tell me anytime and we will! ☺

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Why is your aunt Tyler so hot

she isnt..

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Any songs you want played at prom?

what are you doing


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Who are you going to prom with


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If reincarnation is real, what animal would you come back as?

can I just say that I really miss this hunk of mine?! ❤❤

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truth is ,i guess ive know u for a long time lol just not that good ha , u piss me off sometimes tho ,only cause u messed up my orders a couple times lmao but its cool , your pretty cool tho :)

Daniel ramirez

hey, when I read them back to you you say they are I don't cook them so don't blame me! 😂😂 but thanks!

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Would you kiss a boy while Eric is gone?

who would want to kiss anyone but this face?! 😍😍😍

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are you going to wait for him

that's the plan! 😊

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Emailing any missionaries lately??

i email Eric every Monday and we talk on Mondays it's awesome! love that guy to death!! ❤

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Should a boy or a girl be the one txting "hey" first ?

leaves for long beach California tomorrow morning so that's pretty exciting and he is loving it there!! ❤❤

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