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This is Jennie (DumSum). This account was shared with 2 other people- I did answer & ask some questions on this account & I do personally & publicly apologize for all of the hurtful words that were sent from this shared profile. Please read my profile for a more detailed & sincere apology. Thank you

what omg
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Can I tell u something? I like u and Scott. And please do t get mad because Im being honest. Like if u and Scott dated. I would like it, because u guys r so cute. Please, if u like Scott, tell him, I think it will go somewhere. Likers agree.

alrighty. *no body likes this*
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What made your day today?

finding out i was in all stars and then meeting with my all star team ❤️
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Give the likers a dare? If they don't do it then for guys they have to wear makeup for a day and girls have to wear no makeup for a day. Cannot be inappropriate

no this is stupid.
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