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Any plans for your twitter account's 10th anniversary?

oh lol, I didn't think of that. no, unless I think of something by then

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You can make Deku Link face the camera while charging a bubble in the lottery. It's disturbing to see how much of the head shrinks.

this is really cool, I hadn't really messed around inside the lottery much. I noticed there was a clock by targeting while shooting a bubble as deku. but c-up works just the same

So, specifically, the byte not being cleared back to 0 is what causes 0th day?

yep, exactly. with memory editing you can set the byte to 1 yourself to get 0th day whenever you want

0th day happens when the save is at hidden owl - which sets the flag for mayor's house? You then need to store a SoT, but if you store SoT and bring it up again without having the save at the hidden owl it is only going to take you back to day 1, rather than day 0. Is this correct?

stored song of time takes you to day 0 if you have owl save storage active. it's a byte that gets set to 1 when you save at an owl and gets cleared to 0 when you load the owl and get the text from loading a save. when you load a hidden owl save, that text never comes up, which is why you can do 0th day with hidden owls. but that also means if you cutscene dive off of any owl, hidden or not, you can get owl save storage and 0th day.

Your Kafei color looked a little off. If you set it to default it'll actually show Kafei's default purple instead of Link's green.

ah yea, I set it to purple for that

The carpenter on the carnival tower on 2nd day has text that's impossible to access glitchless. It's not the same on final day when we can reach him.

you can take the golden deku flower to reach the tower on any day

About the gate guards turning their heads thing, it has to be final day for their different standing pose. I think the intention was for the earthquakes to trigger them turning their heads and it ended up extending to bonks and explosives. A lazy share of cow figurine's head bobble triggers maybe.

thanks for the elaboration. cool observation!

With moon warp and human 1st cycle found, I suppose next on the wish list is to break the wooded area in the beginning?

that would be good, though my personal wish would be human without SRM

The running man wears the bunny hood as an actual mask.

this is really interesting to me, but I'm not sure how to verify this yet. I don't know enough about to decomp at the moment

Not only does the town gate guards turn their heads in response to explosives but also to Link’s bonking and final day earthquakes. It’s the same triggers that make cow figurines bobble.

I think I'm missing something, since no matter what I try I can't get the guards to react. Could you be more specific?

Postman's hat is shaped like Link's hat on the postman. It's missing the cone part on the back when Link wears it. It was a missed opportunity not having it engulf his whole green hat to simulate only wearing the postman's hat and maybe that was the original idea that just never came to be.

I feel the same way, except my specific gripe was that I didn't like the idea of the hat not replacing the other hat, not necessarily how it looked. the hat over the other hat looked weird to me

Elemental arrows don't make an impact on black Clock Town entrances even though the Hookshot/Bombchu confirms a wall past them. This is unique to the town and not seen on all other black entrances/exits, not even Woods of Mystery.

interesting. i saw the same thing happen recently in purified swamp, if you miss the web to swamp spiderhouse (by shooting the air), the fire arrow doesn't make an impact

When you exit the chest game shop, most buttons are disabled until the area name banner fades away. For some reason, final night fixes the issue but not for other areas with the same issue (goron racetrack & waterfall rapids).

verified this, never knew about it. i think i might remember there was an explanation why you couldnt use items but i dont remember what the reason was if so

In the MM credits, when the HMS is finally done talking to you, he vanishes as he nears the gate for Clock Town. Do you think this is supposed to be an intentional disappearance like wooo spooky, or just that the devs cba to show him actually going up the stairs and through the gate?

I always assumed it was intentional. adds to the mystery and shows things aren't as they seem

One social norm/expectation you would like to get rid of?

hard to think of something specific off the top of my head even though i feel like i have hundreds of answers for this. but one that comes to mind is the monetization of hobbies

The player's only way of knowing about the second gossip stone around the Great Deku Tree is the fixed camera view you get if you say no to the tree when it asks you if you're prepared.

this is a cool observation, though i would say the player is meant to find it just through curiosity of walking behind the tree


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