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Link's movement is different in house interiors where the iron boots speed penalty doesn't apply. This is apparent in the laboratory with its lack of a fixed camera.

whoa, this is really cool! i knew full well that a lot of houses slow down Link and prevent him from sidehop/backflipping. but somehow never knew the movement was the same with iron boots. super cool. same with hover boots (they're a little slower than kokiri boots normally)

Do you think FD is gigantic for the sake of the Twinmold fight so as not to be too slow to get within range?

this might be answered in an old interview, but off personal guesses only I'd say no. I think the regular bosses were an afterthought for FD because other than odolwa, they're all awkward to fight as FD

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Gossip stones with a ceiling over them give a fairy once per cycle. Moon, Termina Field grottos, and road to Ikana. Exceptions are the large ones in the grottos.

I feel like you mentioned the ceiling for the ikana gossip before, though I know for sure the once-per-cycle part was brought up. seems to be a weird coincidence. didn't know termina field gossips were like that too

You can stop the cucco-chasing girl to speak to her by putting on a mask instead of having to wait for her to stop. Her dialogue will be limited to her mask reaction if you made her stop, even if you took the mask off.

lol, the surprising part of this to me is that she just stops on her own and you can talk to her without a mask. I don't think I knew that

Is Kafei's B button affected if Link is cursed? (Longer curse via bottle adventure may be necessary.) His punch is basically a sword that can't combo, but he could still do it if Link is swordless.

Kafei and Link's B button are handled separately, so if Link is cursed, Kafei can still punch like normal. just like goron can still punch regardless of what Link has on B or if he's jinxed

If Link could have Kafei's B button behavior/item, can it damage anything outside of the hideout at all?

I'm not really sure how to answer/test this. since for example link "has" zora and goron's b button item (kokiri sword), it's just that the form acts differently. I'm also not sure where kafei's B button is in memory, but I would also guess it's "kokiri sword" and would be able to damage enemies outside. would be cool to test though so I might come back to this

The brightness of the Mirror Shield in OoT is based on the direction the camera is facing (where Link face doesn't apply). It's not the same direction for every area. North is brightest at the Ganon's castle exterior, and east for the crater. In the Temple of Time, facing the altar makes it dark.

this is a pretty cool observation. though I'm not sure of OoT having internal compass directions so I can't verify the part where it's different depending on area. unless you just mean compass directions based on lore with the ingame map

I loved how Sheik is like a villain in low C. If it were to get animated I imagine him gleefully waiting to disrupt Link before getting frustrated at being skipped.

lol, I didn't even think of it like that. that's pretty funny

If you want Nayru's Love to consume no magic, get within a guard's daytime vision at nighttime. Play sun's song and use the spell during the time advancement and you'll get caught with the magic consumption part being skipped. I'm assuming this also works with a Gerudo.

this is super cool. I was able to get this without sun's song with good timing: https://twitter.com/Kaztalek/status/1626035557636661248 though I assume the sun's song method might be necessary for standing guards

The house we can see at the ranch entrance from Hyrule Field materializes a poorly placed lit window at night. It wasn't fixed in any version.

with freecam, it looks like these windows are just textures floating in front of the house. all of them will appear to be misplaced unless you look at them from the correct angle. although with this one, there's not really a spot you can stand where you can see this unobstructed
The house we can see at the ranch entrance from Hyrule Field materializes a

Goron drowning in poison water takes away a heart, the same as voiding from out of bounds water.

playing MM over the years, I was always aware that some things cost a heart while voiding and some didn't, it was inconsistent. my theory is that they were trying to remove the heart penalty but forgot about a few instances

If you try the postman game without the bunny hood and fail, he'll forget to charge you if you do the next game with the hood on without having to leave the building. This forgetting doesn't work in reverse.

I don't think I knew (or remembered) that you could avoid paying by exiting and reentering. this is pretty cool, I'm pretty sure it's an oversight but funny enough it would kinda make sense lore-wise since he gets surprised by the ears

If you go from Zora's River to Hyrule Field in the water at nighttime, the loading will be white instead of black. This doesn't happen with Gerudo Valley's river.

interesting... so loading zone transitions are usually white during daytime and black at night?

Death Mountain Trail in the OoT ending doesn't have the rough edges on the Great Fairy fountain entrance as if there was no breakable wall on it. It could be an older map.

took a look and it seems like death mountain trail just doesn't have the actors. the broken bombable wall is an actor too. you can see a similar missing bombable wall earlier in the credits when they show the goron city entrance.
also sorry I got to this so late, been working on the feb21 lotad. I'll try to answer some other questions I haven't gotten to yet when I get a chance
Death Mountain Trail in the OoT ending doesnt have the rough edges on the Great

Marine lab professor is kind of rude to deku and goron. My favorite bit is the second time goron gets spoken to.

lmao. I love all the different dialogue options NPCs have in this game

Goron Elder's hitbox is smaller when he's frozen than unfrozen. I think his unfrozen state mistakenly uses the hitbox of the snowball he was in. This persists in springtime.

I checked with kz's hitbox viewer and it seems intentional to me. I think it makes sense that the hitbox is smaller when he's frozen so you can interact with the ice. I uploaded a video if you want to see for yourself: https://youtu.be/13LIT7yJkockaztalek’s Video 171387226405 13LIT7yJkockaztalek’s Video 171387226405 13LIT7yJkoc

Thanks for the ice arrow romhack awareness. It'll keep me entertained until my new everdrive arrive to play the OoT MM combo randomizer (doesn't work on older everdrive) that has an alpha release here https://ootmm.com/

awesome, hope you have fun with it. i saw the oot mm randomizer on pushy's stream. looks interesting. might try it when it gets a proper release

I've thought of the logic that beans are disabled where sword is, but the trading post and lottery shop are exceptions to that.

interesting, yea that's true. I assume they specifically allowed sword for trading post because of the pot, but I'm not sure why they also did that for the lottery shop.

In springtime, if the smithy gets you out the door (either after getting your sword or saying yes if you don't have enough Rupees) and then directly use song of double time, Link will end up down a few steps. Winter lacks this quirk.

https://twitter.com/Kaztalek/status/1592700379766177795 very cool. noted a bit more in my reply. I think it might be the boulder doing it but can't check right this second


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