Ask @kbinM_15:

So basically, I downloaded this app three or fours years ago because the majority of my friends hopped on it. I was kinda surprised to see the girl I had a crush on this app too. So I continued using it . However, I wanna tell that girl that we could’ve became good friends but you ass never tried

خَ ⚡️
And to be honest , you never gave it a chance. Another thing to those who tried to bully on this platform, FUCK you . I know who you are !
Both of y’all , I know that y’all were two , I know that one of y’all names starts with a Y and the other starts with a N . This is my last message on this app, so I thought what about making a public announcement. I don’t care about y’all no more , literally fuck you and fuck everybody who doesn’t like me . I’m living my best life in the states , and remember this is not Qatar , so if I kill your bitch ass , no one will find you . On gang , you can’t play with me no more . I know some shooters their hands be itching on that pole , they just want me to point of that motherfucker , so the could take’em out . Be careful now , I changed as hell .

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