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City of Countryside

i live in the valley of my town and i like the city too but its a little too noisy i'd rather a place just right smack dab in the middle so theres life but theres peace aswell

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So I'm about to go to my bf's brother's grad party. I never met his parents, his brother is really intimidating, and I'm very anti-social with bad anxiety. Idk what to do

just try to remain calm (ik basic right lol) and tell him how you feel and he'll help you

What god do y'all believe in

i believe theres a higher power but not a god because if he loved us and cared he wouldnt put us through so much pain

Why do people question others about their sexuality status? Why do they say messed up shit like "you can’t be gay" or whatever? What’s the point of the whole situation?

i usually ask so i can know if i wanna send something that its appropriate and i also ask pronouns so i dont disrespect them i myself am pansexual and slightly polyamorous so why would i hurt people like me and i respect straight people too unless they're homophobes or transphobic, otherwise if your nice about it all i dont mind you straight allies are amazing in my opinion and yea hope you got what you were asking for

What is your type?

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anyone mainly ages 16-20 female or male or genderfluid/nonbinary or trans i respect everyone and love people based on personality but because of past relationships guys have showed me theyre not worth it as much to me anymore so i'd rather anything but men unless they can show me otherwise plus i want someone close to me im in Pennsylvania

What is the best way to say goodbye?

whenever i say goodbye whether its family or friends i always say i love you because idk when or if ill be able to say it to them again so i suggest doing that and see if they follow suit

What day of the week do you buy groceries?

whenever i have the money and whenever i need a restock

Worst date experience

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my first and only date we went to the movies and i wanted to watch it cause it was the impractical jokers and all he wanted to do was make-out and use tongue so we did kiss a little but i kept my attention towards the movie so yee ik im a buzz kill but if i use my free movie pass to get us in of course i wanna see the movie and even if he had payed for it i still would have watched it cause thats what you do at a movie theatre

did i ruin my friendship? i emailed my friend and asked for her phone number so we can keep in touch easier and she wont respond

i dont think you ruined it hun if anything you didn't do anything wrong and them not responding isn't your fault plus they might not have gotten the email so maybe try again and if there's still no response then ik it'll suck but i'd just drop her from your life for a little and if she tries to come back be cautious with letting her in let her show to you in actions that she cares and wants to be your friend

People need to learn to come up with some interested questions, instead of repeated ones over and over.

i understand that struggle and im sorry people aren't as creative as they used to be i honestly think school did the opposite for some people because of having computers people barely have free thought it seems like


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