What do you think people think of you?

First impression, people either think I am cold or weird. There will be the minority who wants to get to know me because of how I look. At best, I will give them my name and go back to my book. I always have a book with me. These days, however, people do not think reading a book means that you do not want to be interrupted, so with those college kids I use my earphones and pretend to listen to music.
You may say I am rude, but trying to strike a conversation that has no intellectual value, by extension taking somebody else's time for granted, is ruder.
Once people know me, they often think I am annoying and not-as-they-thought. Because I find it difficult to stop being enthusiastic over the things I am passionate about and I can babble on for hours. Because what is moderation? Laughs despairingly. I am hopeless at making good impressions and have given up a decade ago. I'm usually the one who observes from an unassuming corner then vanishes when somebody spots me.
I have been told I am self-absorbed, naive and/or stubborn, and I suspect they are right. These words come from the people I trust. On the other hand, adjectives are subjective. Take out the adjectives and you have the facts:
I am.

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