Ask @keeji:

Who was your idol when you were growing up?

None. I didn't look up to anyone. I realised that doing so will only lead you to disappointment. Even the most admirable people make mistakes, and sometimes… those people are just facades. They aren't who they claim to be and when there is a glitch in their personality, or when their behaviour doesn't add up to their image… it will ruin you. Looking up to someone… anything with a mind of its own does not sometimes lead to disappointment. It always does. So it has always been better to imagine what kind of role model or person you'd like to look up to, what kind of character traits you admire the most, and then become that person! It's the best way. Why put your faith into something/someone that can change? That you don't have control over? That's the misconception when you hear people say 'life is unpredictable'. It's because they put their faith into the wrong things. Become who you would always admire and no one will be able to ruin you as a human being.

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What do you think people think of you?

First impression, people either think I am cold or weird. There will be the minority who wants to get to know me because of how I look. At best, I will give them my name and go back to my book. I always have a book with me. These days, however, people do not think reading a book means that you do not want to be interrupted, so with those college kids I use my earphones and pretend to listen to music.
You may say I am rude, but trying to strike a conversation that has no intellectual value, by extension taking somebody else's time for granted, is ruder.
Once people know me, they often think I am annoying and not-as-they-thought. Because I find it difficult to stop being enthusiastic over the things I am passionate about and I can babble on for hours. Because what is moderation? Laughs despairingly. I am hopeless at making good impressions and have given up a decade ago. I'm usually the one who observes from an unassuming corner then vanishes when somebody spots me.
I have been told I am self-absorbed, naive and/or stubborn, and I suspect they are right. These words come from the people I trust. On the other hand, adjectives are subjective. Take out the adjectives and you have the facts:
I am.

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What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

everything i've always wanted to do and want to do ~~ it'd be nice to not have the fear of failure nagging at you all the time. it's easy to say that you don't fear, but it's difficult to actually mean it. but even if we cannot fail, doesn't mean we can slack off and not our best. the point isn't not failing to get what you want but doing our best for what we want. so let's always do our best ~~ even if you lose sight sometimes...

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