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About to leave . only reason I’m on here is for one women. Its Too fake. Anon cryptic messages fake acc no accountability. It’s misguiding. Is there another side to ask that’s not so trashy ?

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Nope there ain’t it’s all fucking trash on here

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Were you the bully or the bullied at school?

Nope again I’ll say the same shit, you weren’t bullied, you were disrespectful to man that did play that shit…but I let you off, and slappped the ever loving dooooggg shit up out cha. Let that be a lesson to serve you for the future.

Are you mad at yourself

Very, like PAC said these niggas ain’t even on my level, ima let my lil homies ride on you BITCH MADE HALF-SIZED BITCHES

Tell me demons How's it feel to know God isn't forgiving you.? I'm favored and your guilty AF!! You don't know what I've witnessed.. but you will

I so GOD DAMN hungry I could eat a Legion right now.

Be honest, did you ever cheat???

Nope you already sent a man to jail for a year because of it, and FUCK YOU, trusting the piece of shit and not even mentioning a word to me

If someone is being rude, am I allowed to stand up for myself

Certainly, I was absolutely out of line, but I got this feeling that YOU are the problem that she keeps repeating. And I definitely don’t like you and guess what no one is paying me to say that…so take it to the bank.

Do you think you are perfect or do you think you need some improvement

Only a fucking idiot would skip out on self improvement, sooo dear how’s you ability to control your anger been? It’s really rubbed off in a bad way on your daughter. And I feet she may do the same. But there is always panty of time to make the change for good wholesome recovery.

I don’t want to talk to u entitled asf we’re the same

Well how about you earn it you than you could have nice things in life, like commitment, trust, faithfulness, marriage, the perfect Cock all to your own.


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