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Will you please call me please

I have been in those shoes and the calls never came and it was crashing so I don’t know if you’re really there or if you’re just mimicking where I’ve been but if you are know that somebody else understands at least

How can I ask if you're okay without asking everybody how can I talk to you and you know that it's me how can I talk and get a response back when you won't stay with me this is a waste of time isn't it everything has been a waste of time

I’m very attentive to subtle nuances, but I’m also at a point where I’m choosing not to except your choices, and I do not think I will ever find this place to have been a benefit for me. You can call that soft if you want but I don’t like some of the ways you’ve used hurt and pain as if it’s a tool.

Do you love God?

No, we don’t have that kind of relationship. It’s more like I try to see him in the world around me and he teaches me things.

It's time to let you go. I know you are not here, but this is the closest I can get to tell you my feelings. I really loved you, but you didn't felt the same.

I know that I knew that a long time ago and that’s my downfall. I let a person destroy me before I take them out of my life.

Do you know who I am?!

You know, as well as I do through the process of elimination, who amongst all of us has the abilities you have. You also know that I would be the one who could detect it not saying I’m a skilled as you, but I could recognize it.

You know nobody cares and is reading all that post lol you post so much

Two things I value my own opinion, and it helps me to write it out sometimes. And I could give absolutely no fuck for your opinion.

Has anyone ever given you an attitude at your work place or made it very clear that they don’t like you?

If it’s at work, I don’t give a fuck do your job I always do mine. If it’s on my free time, my dime, or my mind, kick rocks I ain’t asking nobody to kick it, and I ain’t even mad about it. Do you, I expect not to be liked by everyone, I voice my opinions and not every body likes that kind of confrontation and that doesn’t bother me at. Have a blessed day with your own kind or like me most the time your own self.

You were never there not even when it mattered i love how you blame me for everything to make yourself feel better about everything tho whatever helps you sleep better at night

When did you get of you snap and insta to notice that? Why the fuck would I be it never bothered you to treat me like shit. Sorry you hear is to fucked up to understand your not the only one with expectations and boundaries. At least mine are honest and consistent.

People never change, right?

Never, and if they do it’s 9x10 for the worse. It is called the law of chaos of entropy in the form of nature material. The nature of this world is to for the complex to reduce to simple, the greatest river small
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What is your craziest secret?

I still feel emotionally and physically committed to a woman that doesn’t deserve it, and that makes me unavailable to someone out there that does. On one hand I don’t want to do the same thing to someone self but on the other I feel like finding a new partner would be better for me than continuing to be alone.

Do you still love your ex?

I loved a person that use to be in there more than life…but she was sick and her medication only made her more sick each passing day.

If you could be one character from a movie who would you be? You look and act and feel exactly like this character, by the way.

I doubt it…

Was it ever real? Did I make you up?

I am fucking grateful I was raised in a manner that would never make this dog shit story real…


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