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Do you admit it when you're wrong? Do you apologize when it's appropriate?

toddsby’s Profile PhotoTodd
Yes but I will never apologize to you again, scouts honor. I owe it to myself and I have learned that I can’t win with you even when I apologize for what you do.

Jon you might deactivate but you will never be able to make anymore fake personalities again!

You know Jon, we don’t like it when you lie to us…now do we Jon? No Jon, we definitely don’t like it.

You wanted smooth sailing and I've always been a tsunami.

I hate it when you fake like you were cool at some point. Just be the fucking nerd you always will be…when u own it and have confidence, ppl will not dislike all the time.

You had a real one for you. You didn't want the love. You shoved the love away.

That sounds stupid just thinking out load in my hard, it’s soooo fuddy puddy, old hag that was for you, and nobody would sit in the m audience for a terribly scripted circus

Secret favorite food?

Is she still…sitting on that couch all day long playing video games and ignoring her gifted children??

I get it we will never be together again and thats fine i just wish i could break down and let everything out in your arms and hear everything is gonna be alright

Really??? Naaa you want the dick…

Is it wrong that I don't want to date anymore or be in a relationship because I don't trust women?

Ehhh just like men they are not all created equal, and shit stinks

Am I the only one who likes it when someone is clingy? It shows me you care and I’d return the energy it’s better then going days or weeks without contact..

It’s good for like a week


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