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Why don't you ask any questions?

Hahaha what are you illiterate nigga? You can’t read between the lines? She unbuttons her blouse, you sucking niggas feet just to get a little peak…but I catch a hint in the air, there’s money out there, and I’m gonna keep right here, in my wallet, bitches digging threw my pockets only thing they get is the G tap her out pulled out and watched her swallow it. Cool down back them baby little balls drop game like I wrote the book, ain’t no such thang as half way sluts that bitch is a criminal.

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Why do some guys or some narcissistic guys who have a roster and plenty of females manipulate a female or certain females into thinking that they want a relationship when they only want to mess around with them and have bad commitment issues? And why do they homies want to mess around with you?

Yea I found there is no such thing in the real world. Just bad actors and actresses.

Did you ever meet that one person that completes you?

I do miss her sometimes, such a unicorn, deep green eyes and skin was as white as the snow, except when she got out the the Jacuzzi then she was pink lol. She was perfect.

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