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So your saying that all your friends who are obsessed with new superficial kpop and think them as some sort of gods, are idiots? wow ur a great friend! -.-

The people who are closest to me in my life don't spend their time talking about superficial nonsense to me. I am a good friend, actually, because I don't sugar-coat the truth that new wave kpop is garbage and a waste of time. None of my close friends like that shit anyways lol

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wats ur skin care routine? o:

I use an advanced skincare system every day and night to keep my skin healthy and looking younger :)
Cleanser, toner, eye cream, day/night cream. I also sometimes use a powerful serum that I unfortunately ran out of, but it made my skin glow and diminished some of the laugh lines I had on my face! :)

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why do you have to diss everything related to the "new" kpop? i understand that your entitled to your opinion but do you have to be so rude? you could be nice about it :)

True, but that's just where my passion takes me. I just happen to be against it because I feel it IS a superficial fantasy world, and it bothers me because people relate that to being "real music". Besides, even if I was nice about it, people will still attack me, because they put kpop on such a high pedestal they'll take my opinion and react as if I spit in their grandma's face. I appreciate your abrasive approach, but that's why I am so passionate when I talk about it. Don't take it personally, it's only kpop haha.

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Ok please do! Let me know when you ask her and figure how it can be accessible.

I just talked to her, and she's taking an undisclosed hiatus from blogging, so it's only viewable by her at the moment. Hopefully she will come back to the blogging world, but for now that's what's going on. ;)

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Have you ever met the right person at the wrong time?

Mohammad Tahir

Good question! I actually have no clue... I actually sometimes wonder had I met the right person at a different time, would it have been for the better? But I like to just accept things as they are, because then I stress out wondering if I had met certain people EARLIER then my life would have been drastically different, but in a bad way!

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Hi! I followed you. Can you please like my best friend's page? She can win a trip to London. It would mean a lot if you helped. The link is in my bio x


I just liked it :) Is that all I need to do?

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keiko sluty loooool

Is that the best you can do? lol

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but 2ne1 is ugly, how can they be about looks???

LOL well I wouldn't call them ugly. They show more personality than other artists imo, but still they're more about a flashy IMAGE than necessarily looks. Does that make sense? Just my opinion anyway, I don't hate 2ne1, I used to be a fan. I just don't invest any of my time into listening to their music anymore.

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If you stood next to a 12 yr old 6'5 250lbs girl how big or small would you look next to her?

I'm not sure why her age matters, but I'm 5'6" so I guess you can use your imagination haha

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How can you be motivated?

Through my own choice to make positive habits that will motivate me as a result!

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But when was K-Pop ever about the music? It's always been quite superficial as it is if you think about it. Only exceptions being 2NE1 who are really ugly and Akdong Musician but i think both these groups have decent music.

Meh, I used to like 2ne1, but I don't care about them anymore. I stopped listening to them about 2 years ago. They have a few good songs that actually have a message, like Ugly, but majority of groups these days including 2ne1 rely too much on their looks and a catchy beat to be popular. And sadly, it works. See, that's where I agreed with you, it's been superficial since around 2009, and just a few years before that it was about the music, but they were all just sappy love songs lol but hey, at least they tried to grab you on the story and not the looks.

Don't try to troll me again when I actually found valid points in your statement lol

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i see you avoided my kpop question, KPOP FANS WIN MWAHAHAHAHA suck my nipples BITCH

Nice try troll

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When one should stop learning?

When they want to stop growing.

The greatest leaders are always hungry to learn, and make it a goal to learn something new every single day.

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how do ppl survive the 100's weather ._. all i have at home is ice, water, and fans for when i get home on school day @@

I walk around naked when I can... that's how I deal anyway lol

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but whats ur problem if people want to over glorify the kpop scene, people can do whatever they want, its not like they need your permission.

Just like I can say whatever I want about people over-gloryfing the kpop scene, and I don't need their permission, either. And I speak out against it because it DOES bother me that the kpop scene has gone down such a superficial road, that the music is completely secondary.

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I was wondering do you know what happened to nana blog? I loved reading it and I dont know how to read her reviews?

Oh my gosh, I miss reading Nana's blog too! At first I thought I couldn't access it anymore since I changed some settings with my blogger account, but maybe it's private now? Maybe I'll try asking her though ><

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I want to watch Chicken Run now :0 It takes ages really, theres so much involved >< Awh wai? Its workin on my phone >.< I really want you to watch it and then praise me :P It was soo much fuuuuun making it!♡

Holy cow, this movie came out 14 years ago!!! I can't believe how much time has gone by... OH I think maybe because you sent me either the mobile link or maybe it was a private link only you can see?? I really do want to see it though D:

View more Meh work! Mornin to you and Tsuyo, Kei Kei! :D Claymation is reallllyy fun and hectic, I mean way too much work, it took us almost 3-4 hours to work on a minute movie! But it was so much fun♡ I have one link up but its not the official one, I'll send you that later

Good morning :) I'm actually downloading Chicken Run now because of this convo LOL but also because I've been wanting to watch it but for some reason I didn't think to try downloading it since YouTube doesn't have it XD Yeah I heard it takes a looooong time, but if you're passionate about your work it doesn't even matter :) Oh, the link doesn't work! D:

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Eheh thank you! How are you Kei Kei? How was the apple event? Hows Tsuyo-chan? Yes I still need to send you pichas! No psychology is just my interest ^-^ We're making a 90 second claymation now :3

I'm doing okay, just extremely sore from working out yesterday, then I gotta work today nuuu D; Apple was pretty awesome :) A little boring at times, but overall a good experience :) Tsuyoshi is good ^^ He's sleeping right now haha! I just woke up about 45 minutes ago. Ohhh claymation is SO cool, but it's really hard right?? Because you have to manually adjust every single movement and shoot them, yeah? I just remember seeing that in a clip of how they made Chicken Run when I was a kid LOL

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Kei Kei I need help, we made the movie but our grades depend on youtube hits! Could you help out? ><

Of course! Send me the link! :)

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My bf says he still loves/likes me, but I want to break up with him. How should I go about doing it?

Be honest with him and most of all with yourself. If you want to break up with him, it's better to get it over with now than prolong a one-sided relationship. You'll both suffer the longer you let the relationship go on if you don't want to be with him. Yeah, he'll be upset, but both of you will be more upset if it escalates later. Good luck.

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so do you hate people who like k-pop or something?

Not at all! Most of my friends love kpop, and even I like some kpop (pre-2007). I just can't stand it when people try to over-glorify the kpop scene.

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i'm thinking about joining clubs in college after highschool. i feel that highschool isn't the best place for me to fit in ._.

Go for it!

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what's the highest level of mathematics that you've studied?

Algebra 2... which I failed... so that probably doesn't even count :/

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damn u a hottie

yes you are

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