But when was K-Pop ever about the music? It's always been quite superficial as it is if you think about it. Only exceptions being 2NE1 who are really ugly and Akdong Musician but i think both these groups have decent music.

Meh, I used to like 2ne1, but I don't care about them anymore. I stopped listening to them about 2 years ago. They have a few good songs that actually have a message, like Ugly, but majority of groups these days including 2ne1 rely too much on their looks and a catchy beat to be popular. And sadly, it works. See, that's where I agreed with you, it's been superficial since around 2009, and just a few years before that it was about the music, but they were all just sappy love songs lol but hey, at least they tried to grab you on the story and not the looks.
Don't try to troll me again when I actually found valid points in your statement lol

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