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lol fake dp. vr if you'e real bitch.

I DARE YOU to do this "Pretty Girl Challenge" - no makeup - no filter/edit - hair tied back into a ponytail - no facial expression - frontal face angle -post it in here and make it "public" in order to see your true beauty behind those make ups if ever ...

Okay here you go lol... why is showing my bare face even a challenge...? I'm sure it would be a bigger challenge for you to ask me off anon ;)

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Your eyebrows are so ugly they are like right on your forehead. Also ugly teeth.

Let's see how many people actually agree with you. ;) In the meantime, why don't you come off anon and tell me to my face, sweetheart? <3

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Photo of you ATM?

I was eating these Hello Kitty strawberry marshmallows and wanted to see how many I could fit in my mouth, but I forgot to count :(

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You wear too much makeup and have donkey teeth, I wonder how you look without it all. I hope you look similar, if not then poor you.

Awwww well this is cute! I haven't gotten anonymous pussy hate messages in a while! :) It's always nice to run your sorry ass into the ground. Here, I'll make it easier for you this time. Let's list all the reasons your points are irrelevant to me:
1. I actually look pretty damn good with my "too much makeup" face. Don't you agree? Actually, can you define what "too much makeup" means to you? I'd love to hear your opinion. :)
2. Donkey teeth? Ohh, I haven't heard that one in a while. Is this Zeba by chance? :)
3. I actually look pretty damn decent without makeup, which is why I barely wear it! :)
4. Anon hate is so 2012. Come on, let's spice things up a bit! Why don't you show me what your face looks like? Clearly my face got you riled up for some odd reason... may I suggest you actually take the time to put some effort into your looks before you bash mine? Envy is a sin, after all! :(
5. I've posted plenty photos of myself without makeup. Thanks for playing!
Oh yeah, and just to stroke my own dick, here's a picture of myself with "too much makeup" just to piss you off more. Wow, it's really funny how much hate messages can boost your ego! I think I look pretty good, n'est-ce pas? ♡
Have a day.

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what's a major turn off for you?


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are you and tsuyoshi really dating?

omg did you just preferred Xtian over raisins? you hoe!!!!!


I love donuts idk

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What are your views on haters?

Honestly, I really wish they would just confront me face to face, and just tell me WHY they don't like me, or simply what the issue is. I'd rather get along with everybody, so if they just calmly told me their story, or even a simply apology and explanation for why they go around putting others down, I'm not going to judge them. Everyone has a story. They're just too cowardly to face their own issues head-on, so they look to other people who are the polar opposite of what they see in a mirror, and attack them. It makes no sense. Why not use that frustration to attack your issues within YOURSELF, instead of taking it out on others? It doesn't make you any happier, because you still have those issues buried deep inside you. And if you need help, talk to me... Seriously... ><

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U r actually really really ugly without makeup and photoshop/edit..I promise u I'm not jealous or trying to be mean..but that's the truth .

Lol not trying to be mean, huh? That's funny, because I'm prettyyyyy sure majority of the people who read your comment will agree you kind of sound like a bitch. I'm sorry. Oh, and I don't photoshop my photos either!. Sorry you don't like my face, but that's your problem! <3

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Do you ever feel left out when people/your friend go to college and get their degrees and it seems like they have accomplished something in their lives? I'm struggling with whether or not I should go back.............

Oh my gosh, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I dealt with that since I graduated. I'll be completely honest. I've only actually admitted this to a few people in my whole life, but here I go announcing it to an anon LOL.... I didn't graduate with my class. I decided I was a little rebel, ditched school for almost a whole month, and ditched one of my finals to hang out with my friends. I didn't graduate officially until over a year later >< I was ALWAYS ashamed of it, especially watching people I went to school with going to big name colleges, or my siblings going for their degrees... And then at one point I ran into a financial crisis that I was stuck in for nearly a year. So that on top of my inability to find a passion for school, you can probably imagine how I felt. Stuck, depressed, worried about what will become of me while everyone around me is living their happy lives. It took me YEARS to finally get over my self-consciousness of feeling unsuccessful and constantly comparing myself to everyone around me. I mean, EVERYONE was pushing me and pressuring me to go back to school, but for what? I didn't know what I wanted to do. I didn't even really feel like listening during the lectures, let alone could I figure out how to keep focused. Believe me, I've attempted to go back to school a number of times, but I just never had the patience or passion to go through with it. I tried looking into a few different fields of possible career interest, but those thoughts were all very short-lived. I couldn't actually see myself committing my life to one field or another, and didn't see the point in investing money in something I wouldn't really take advantage of, or worse, wouldn't love doing for the rest of my life.....
What's my point? Don't let ANYONE pressure you into doing something you're not PASSIONATE about, or you will be MISERABLE. I personally prefer to make my own mistakes and learn from them, than have someone shove their own opinions down my throat and shove me out into the job world for me to fend for myself. I've always been a dreamer, ever since I was a kid. I think that's why I was always a sub-par student, because I spent all my time daydreaming rather than paying attention to Mrs. Patterson lecturing us on how to do long division haha! I mean, that's just the path I went down from childhood, and I've chosen to stay that route and go after MY dreams. This is MY story, so I would never force you to listen to me, because my choices might be all wrong for you! Just ask yourself what YOU want out of life. That's the first step! Find out what you WANT, then take the small steps into figuring out how to ACHIEVE your WANTS. It's not supposed to be easy either, mind you. XD My path was extremely rocky, and even now I know I'm taking a lot of risks and at the mercy of other people judging me, but whatever, I've heard it my whole life. Especially from myself. :B Once you overcome those insecurities though, you'll find what truly makes you happy. :)

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What's something every teen should know?

Omg your profile picture on I want to cum on it!

selfie pleeeassee <33

They need to get the f*ck over it. like seriously.

This will be my last message to you, Michael. I've seen what you've been saying to everyone. If they find your messages annoying, then STOP. Apologizing at this point has done NOTHING, you know why? The damage you did was irreversible. You're not even giving them a chance to forget what happened, either, because you keep DEMANDING their forgiveness. Just stop messaging them altogether and let them decide for themselves if someday they might let it slide. But right now it's just not possible. :/

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your giant hand can be used to give a man a handjob. ;)

It can also be used to falcon punch you in the groin.

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Recent picture of you during the summer ? :D

No makeup and horrible eye bags XD

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What kind of donuts do you like?

Glazed, sugar coated, jelly-filled, chocolate-glazed, coconut covered, chocolate-covered with sprinkles, white sugar-glazed with sprinkles, plain, powdered, chocolate with yellow cake, peanut-covered, cereal covered (a la Psycho Donuts!), lemon glazed.... I LOVE DONUTS.

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not virgin anymore?

Neither is your mom. Yeah, let that sink in........

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Who has the best sense of humor?

me when i'm drunk lol

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What are you thankful for today?

Driving to Santa Nella to visit my grandparents. I told them everything I was thankful for. How they helped raise me and instilled the want in me to help others. How they were always proud of me no matter what I did, but I was doing something to make them proud beyond their wildest imaginations. How I was thankful for them to shape me into the person I am today, and guide me on the path I am walking now. When my grandma passed, I realized today, was her final gift to me... She was allowing my amazing mentors to step in and continue to help me along my path. I told them about my amazing mentors, the friends I made, and how they are helping make my dreams come true, which in turn was making my grandparents' dreams come true, because all they ever wanted in life was for me and my family to be happy.
After a shitty night, I was grateful and thankful to be able to let everything out and have my grandparents there to watch over me, and I asked them to watch over all the people in my life right now who are always there for me ><
I'm thankful for being guided on the path to FREEDOM!!!

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