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I need new friends to go to the movie with me.

Go alone and sooner or later the right ones will appear

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Do you ever talk about your old friendships or do you move on and never talk about them with anyone?

I dont have time to dwell on the past im after growth.

Why did people in the past look so old compared to people today? 30 year olds back then looked like 50 year olds today.

Human race is meant to die between 30-50 we didnt start living longer until recent years

Do you think it’s wrong to date your ex’s best friend?

Karma works in funny ways i dont think you should.. but at the same time it is fates funny way of showing your ex the people they need to remove from their life and testing you

Do you count calories or do you eat until you are full?

mustch’s Profile Photomustch
Due to working out i eat mainly anything with lots of protein and try to stay around same calorie intake everyday

Would it be to hard to maybe show up one time when I need you?

Maybe yall need to communicate more maybe they try just not in the ways you need . Little communication could safe a lot of stress

Why is it that it seems like your the only one that try’s to make things work

Hope you’re okay homie definitely think you need to talk to them outside of here…

Who are you voting for?

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I dont speak about politics. But i can tell you vegetables go in my garden not in the white house


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