Wat is the meanin of "kekal"+ y was it chosen as the band name? Also, y was "Source of Existence"+ "Given Words" left off the 2010 remasterd version of "embrace the ded"?

Kekal means "Eternal" or "Immortal" in Indonesian language. It was chosen because the band wanted an Indonesian name over English name, to make sure there were no other band(s) bearing the same name exist in other parts of the world. Remember, it was in 1995, before the internet boom and before Google.
"Source of Existence" & "Given Words" were originally bonus tracks of the THT Productions version. So the songs were exclusively licensed by Kekal to the label. The 2010 re-issue was released digitally solely by Kekal, not through record labels. Only 8 tracks from "Embrace The Dead" that are official album tracks. The "Given Words" song found on "Embrace The Dead" is actually the demo version of the same song from "The Painful Experience" album.

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