Ask @kelllllllllllyx0:

Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

Personally no, I believe dreams are a manifestation of information and events you haven’t fully processed, are weighing on you or causing you anxiety, excite you, or are just in you mind at the time. For example, sometimes I like to watch forensic files at night to go to sleep (Peter Thomas’s voice is soothing to me). Usually when I watch it, if I remember my dream the next morning, it has to do with death or violence, even if it’s weird or bizarre or not straight forward about it or the literal act of death, perhaps it’s more a symbol of it. All in all I think your dreams sort of decipher the thoughts and feelings currently in you, sometimes writing down these dreams and working through them may help you become more in touch with yourself. Or just remind you turn the tv off before bed, like in my case sometimes, lol. These are just my opinions and thoughts!

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