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I Got Admired By Your Beauty..! Ppl Like You are very Rare to Find Out! You Must be That Much Lucky :') People Will Fall for You.. They'll Fight For you :') I wish I Could be that Much Lucky To be your friend ^_^ ! we r strangers,bt we can know each other by having an intro:: :) :: can we be frnds:

um sure
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Hey :) I'm just a random user who you'll probably never meet, but from the bottom of my heart I want to say that you're an amazing person. I truly wish there more like you. I mean it. You're sweet, funny, pretty, and caring, and I just want you to end up happy with someone. Have a great day :)

wow um thank youu

how long have you been single or were you before. ?

I never even said I was single hahah but since like year 7
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