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What has life taught you so far?😎

Don’t take anything for granted. My cousin just lost her baby today. She was a week father along than me. Now I feel absolutely terrible she has to watch me go through pregnancy when she should have been too. I know what that feels like and I hate that I’m going to make someone else feel that way 😭 I’m also even more terrified of losing my baby now too. It’s always on my mind just because of my past miscarriages but now I’m even more worried.

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Be patient 🤣

Future Mrs. Harris
No 😠 I barely even asked Brett and he said we could and he was the one really wanting to wait. So I think he wants to know ASAP too 😬 you’re just telling me to wait cuz we won’t share with anyone for a while 🤣 I want to record our reactions and I feel more comfortable doing that in an elective place that’s probably used to it than my serious doctors office at the anatomy scan lol.

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