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You're so fucking beautiful 😍😍😍 snapchat pretty please

Andrew blake

Thank youuu😋 and it's in my bio I think.

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Do you ever think about the money you don't have?

This app is dead

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Hi you're really pretty and you seem super nice and chill but I am really shy and you're so incredibly beautiful and you're so pretty it's really intimidating I really wanna talk to you, do you have a Kik or sc or Skype... I love to video chat ppl

It's in the bio my dude.

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Are the people you've gone to school with cooler than most?

No they fucking suck and they're all fake

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Do you judge people quickly?

I think everyone does whether it be in their mind or spoken aloud.

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Would you ever make a guy hard at a real inappropriate or embarrassing time just to see him suffer or show him who's boss

Omg yesss I love that.

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Wanna put my fingers through your hair Wrap me up in your legs And love you till your eyes roll back

Do Right And Kill Everything

Oh damn

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every kiss begins with k (: (recent)

You're so smart

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No thanks

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What are you looking for?


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Can I buy a pair of your worn socks for $10?


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@bethsuckz sucks little boys wieners

Same fam

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What 😩😩😩

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Real tattoo or henna tattoo?


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that's true

I know.😌

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You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line😍😛❤

You probably sent this to 20 people

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thoughts on @diago179 and @sharkwii2 having beef

I give no fucks about anyone or anything dude lmao

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lets get you pregnant


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You're attractive and seem chill

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Pap of your tummy 😍

No nigga

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What color was your childhood home?

It was yellow af lmao.

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I love you (recent)❤😊

No what's ur ig


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About Kelsey✨:

Snapchat: kelseyc99
Kik: kelseyroxx99
I'm 17.
The chillest ever.

Pittsburgh, PA