Ask @kennedibrogan:

Isn't Ryan a little too old for you? I mean, he's a junior and he's 16. You're a freshman and you're 14. Let's be real here.💯🙌🔥😒

Yeah and...? There's girls in my grade that are talking with/dating juniors, so why are you bashing me about me? They're 14 or 15 and 16 or maybe even 17, too? Also, my parents are 3 years apart & I know people with much larger age gaps, so what's the big deal with 2 years? I'd also like to add that just because I like him, doesn't mean that I think I have a chance with him, so soothe your boobs.😒 byee.👋

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Why do you hang out with Kayle, Caitlyn, Azelin, Lexi, Savannah, and so on? They're kinda weird, don't you think? You deserve to hang out with better people.

Okay, first of all, I hang out because I want to. They're actually pretty cool and we all have a lot in common. They treat me better than I know some other people would. I've been friends with them for quite awhile and I don't plan on breaking any of them. Who cares if they're "weird" because I sure know that I'm pretty weird myself. I actually like them because they don't judge me for that. I can hang around who I want and if that bothers you, hang out with me or something? Don't trash talk them when you don't even know them. Also, I have more than one group of friends, unlike other people, and I'm probably already friends with who you want me to be friends with. I might be slightly different because of my hobbies, my interests, or whatever, but that doesn't stop me from being friends with people with opposite interests/hobbies. I deserve to hang out with people who actually like me and respect me instead of people who pretend to like me and talk trash behind my back. Before you trash me about my friends, think. Have a nice night.✌️👐

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