They took me into the changing rooms with them while they were trying them on. They were taking snaps


They told me I should join them. They said, they're gonna give me a makeover


Why "Okay"

I’m all sorts of confused right now

They put lipstick, eye stuff and some stuff on my face and cheeks. I think they said it was conture or something like that.. I'm not sure the name

Why is that bad tho

They did it

I don’t know any of the backstory so idk what to say lol

After they put that stuff on my face, they told me I should try some clothes

Who is this

They went and got a pair of leggings from the store floor



To better understand what’s going on because this story doesn’t make sense lol

Why is that ok?

All I did was say ok lol don’t get defensive ???

when they came back with the leggings, they told me to strip to just my underwear. When I did, they said I was wearing the wrong kind of underwear for leggings

This story makes zero sense because it’s illegal for people of opposite genders to be in the same changing room lol

They went back out to the store floor and came back a few minutes later with a thong and told me to put it on

Okay now you’re lying lol


Because this story makes no sense and is fake, if it was a real story you’d tell me who you are 🤣

It is real. It happened

Then tell me who this is