Ask @Kennedythedramaqueen:

Back to school haul vlog pleasee!!

Haha okay well idk when I'm getting the hard drive and I haven't done back to school shopping yet either so it might be a little while

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If you could originate a role, what would you want the character to be? Like, what situation would they be put in, characteristics of her, ect.

Something very loud and high energy (and tap dancing!) but not really anything to do with love. That's what I really loved about Little Red. Maybe something like Mrs. Wormwood in Matilda...? Idk haha

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Doesn't that pregnant thing stretch out your shirts?

Haha yeah I have a lot of big shirts that I wear with leggings and stuff so I've just been wearing those

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What book are you reading for school this summer?

The Catcher In The Rye and some other book about reading literature like a professor..I still haven't even bought either one.

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Are you involved with Younglife? If so,do you like it? If not involved,why aren't you and would you be interested!

No, I'm not involved for several reasons...first off I don't have time for it because of rehearsals and things, second, the people that go to it from my school really are not my type at all.

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