Ask @kentralwilkerson:

Do you judge people by the car they have?

Not character wise, really not at all but maybe in a financial way but then again u never know there are people wit nice cars with no savings and people who walk and take public transportation with cars and a savings I know people with a raggedy vehicle with a lot of all depends on they preference or the situation they going through or what aspects they were thinking about upon purchase...snow , multiple kids , they height or weight , how far or frequent they travel power and speed etc...

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Is disrespect something you all would tolerate in a relationship? By disrespect I mean(cussing at you when fighting, insulting you, belittle you, invalidating your feelings) 💭💭💭

Nah I don't want a relationship like that the first few times I sense stuff like DAT I mentally get drained and my level of respect starts to decline ..relationships shouldn't feel like a chore or keep u moody it should appeal to u and your partners well being ain't gotta be perfect but its worth working towards it ..u gotta set boundaries

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What’s the craziest thing you have done out of jealousy?

If i were to feel jealous about anything I remove myself from the situation if its important... and I remove those thoughts by simply reminding myself that God made me who I am for a reason and the moment that I compare myself to others or let the situation affect my integrity or my peace or emotional response I'm taking away from being a better version of myself by limiting my thoughts or standards based on someone else's image or actions...

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