Ask @kenziee_faythee111:

Who do you feel sorry for?

People who never seem to get the grasp that you can’t treat people like 💩 and then feel okay about it because they have other people and then the other people treat them like 💩 and in return they come to you and talk about them like dogs and then act like they’re the best people ever and can be trusted the next day. Friendship is a great thing when you can trust each other and can be real, but now in this generation you can’t, because their will always be that one person that stays behind the scenes constantly stirring up 💩 and spreading crap and has everyone fooled. But not me, nope, if you tell me I don’t repeat it, theirs no point in always having grade school drama around you. So I feel sorry for those who are so easily fooled by that garbage and for the people who have to spread it. Maybe someday when they have no one they’ll understand that.

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