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kuch suna dein!

Real life:
beautiful but hell....!!!😤😤😤
In life we do all the fucking(right/wrong) thing for others and we thought that they give us some thing (positive) but they can't give you any single thing 😤
If you love some one . she love someone else .😤😤😤
or kia batho .
We sacrifice ever things for her but in the end she give L.its
reality !!
In the end you facing the shit problems .😤😤😤
ya ha life !!!!!! 😤😤😤💀 or bhi bahot kush ha bas leave it ..!
or kush suna ha ap nay??

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Define ramadan??

Aasman Pe Naya Chand Hai Aaya
Saara Aalam Khushi Se Jagmagaya
Horahi Hai Saher-O-Aftar Ki Tayari
Saj Rahi Hai DUA'ON Ki Sawari
It's a sacred night and it's only 24 hour!!It's a great night which all your prayers are accepted.And the mercy is everywhere.A night which is superior to a thousand nights.Make Your heart pure and empty from any depressing.This is a huge opportunity from God.Pray for everyone to whom you know or not
""'''''''''''The sunset fades upon the Nile;
'''''''''''''''The desert's stony gloom,
'''''''''''''''Receding blankly mile on mile,
'''''''''''''''Grows silent as a tomb.
'''''''''''''''All weary wanderers, man and beast,
''''''''''''''Hie, fasting, to the Khan,
''''''''''''''While shines above their nightly feast
'''''''''''''The Moon of Ramadân.""
""Waja somo salaat jo samujh jaye ga
Us ko samjho jeene ka huner aa gia
Hai Muslaman to Islam ka ek shajer
Jis mein islam ka bhi samr aa gia
Mere Malik tu mujh py bhi kar de karam
Ab teri maghfirat ka behr aa gia
Teri Bakhshish sakha tere jood o karm
Tujh se laine Kheyal Tere dar aa gia""

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What is the first priority of your life?

First 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Second 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Third 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
fourth 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Fifth 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Sixth 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Seventh 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Eight 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Ninth 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
Tenth 👉 priority Respect.✔️😎🤘
up to infinity (srif respect) nothing else🔚🔚

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Post your favorite poetry lines!🔥

Miss Mirza
( mara dil krta ha)
tum sa bath krnay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko yad krnay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko sath rakhnay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko dakh ka ronay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko پا kr hasnay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko caha kr likhnay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko rula kr manany ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko dil ma basanay ko mara dil krta ha
tum ko dakh kr marnay ko dil krta ha ay khan
jis waqt tum ko ronay ka dil krta ha
(khan muhammad khan (kd))

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Wow who is da lucky one

wo ase ha:
1)height : 5'7
2)healthy but beautiful
3)trust karti ha par manti nhi ha.
7)اس کے الفاظ تلخ ہوتے ہیں. پر دل کی صاف ہے
8)attitude wali nhi ha .pr dekhati ha ka muj ma attitude ha.
9)bahot kam logo ke respect karti ha(out of family)
10)smiling face
11)har cheas ko itna easy samajti ha ka wo khud ba khud go jati/jati ha
12)har bat indirect karna ka sochti ha .
13)us ky sentence insan ko confuse kr data han
14)she is ever thing for me
15)ya us ke out lining ha bus .i think outing bhi nhi ha
16)gulti nhi manti ha.bahot kam gulti manti ha
17)har bat ka ans us ky pass hota ha (but incorrect)
18)overconfident . jis ke waja sy wo har kush kar saqti ha .agar hum overconfident hun to hum kush nhi kar saqty han.
etccccc...... up to (infinity)
sorry us ko tag nhi kr saqta hun . us na kaha ha muja tag mat karna. sorry for that

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+1 answer in: “Name one thing that you need and one thing that you want.✨🌟”

How do you treat people who do nothing for you?

un ke respect bahot karta hun ke ...... un sy bat karty waqt bar bar sochta hun ky ya bat karni ha ya nhi . ya bat karni ha nhi . un ko advice bahot dyta hun phir ya kha dyta hun sochna zahror . kabhi ya nhi khata tun is par imal krna ha . they are those for them i can do every thing .when every they comes to me .and said "khano/khan yar aj ya calm ha". ma un sy waqt ky sat sat fasala banata rahta hun because wo y na kahan yar khan acha banda nhi ha.
one advice for you:
"Do every thing for someone(some peoples) . not to do some thing for every one ."
when you wanted to do some thing for some one . then mind it do every thing for her/his till the death .when every he/she comes to you . if you said only one time to her/him(yr ya ma nhi kr saqti hun )then every will be what ever you do for her/him .do every thing for someone (some peoples) i think that this is better then that one.

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