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Pata hai life time mai kabi kisi ki zarort nahi pari na kisi bf ki na hi kisi friend ki but i don't know today i feel very alone.....

Raat ko horror movies dekhna shuru kar dein kabhi alone feel ni karein gi InshAllah

.... Lhr minar-e-pk incident 💔💔 Shooked me up to the core 🙃 Where you stand on this?

What happened to us? There was a time when a mob would collect around a girl to save her if someone had done something indecent. Now the mob itself wants to tear her apart. Yar 400 log mil k rape ka irada rakh rhe hain Allah Pak un sab ko nist o nabood karay or ye mulk Islami Jamuhriyah nahi raha ab Islami word sath lagana banta hi nahi.
Lhr minarepk incident 
Shooked me up to the core 
Where you stand on this

Write a few words please. (Anything you are thinking about right now or these days or at this particular time in your life, please share with us if you may) Stay dope and peace on you 🙏🏽🌸❤️

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If you do not learn to be humble, eventually you are at loss. Take a moment and think... No matter what profession you are from; medical, engineering, arts and designs, business, fashion, media, acting, singing.. you name it... imagine if the dominant senses that help you in practicing your skills and knowledge in your respective professions, are (God forbidden) damaged or compromised.. what are you without those eyes or hands or ears or voice or brain or any organ in general?what are you without all those organs you have absolutely no contribution in the creation of ?
Imagine if (God forbidden) an incident washes away all or most of the wealth you have made with years of hardwork and careful planning.. what are you when unbadged from that financial status you earned so hardly? How are your peers going to treat you now?
You will cut down to a bag of flesh which can drive on only two forces now: humbleness and hope...
and remember, hope is what drives humbleness. Because a wise person who hopes for the better, never forgets the less fortunate state he was in or could've been before that hope elevated to a reality... and Thats what keeps him humble. :)

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