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Good night everyone sorry for the drama like stuff I wrote I just have nobody I can look towards I have to accept it Deal w it and cope by myself it’s nothing new tho

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its ok as long you felt batter just keep going you will get batter

I sucks when u fought held on giving absolutely everything a human heart could because I actually loved her I never stopped loving her as a man I cried at least 3 to 4 times a wk the hardest part was at night when I rolled over to see an empty space that u filled for 7yrs n tears would start

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are u comfortable with being so out of life ? get yourself a break of thinking bro let her go

People still judge you off of things from the past meanwhile your not even the same person

let them get surprised

What type of questions do you prefer? Ones that require personal answers or simple yes & no short responses?

one the blow my thoughts out

What if mental illnesses are actually superpowers or perhaps serendipitous mutations? 🤔

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i got the same idea for a while till i crossedwith one and found out im wrong

What would you do if you found out someone was lying to you for nine years?

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ill lye oncetim that big one which equals 9 years and teach a lesson
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I really miss you. I want to end our problems. I want to take all your pain away. I want us to forgive one another. I pray for a better future for us, if I never see you again, still want you happy in the future. If you ever marry anyone,I will still love you but afraid of my forever, sad your gone.

i hope you find your forever **** boy and ultimate happiness in your place away
all love ♥


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