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I want a possessive girlfriend

If you want know and may be you get one. Then would you accept k your bachy will do the same in future?
Ghairat bardasht kr ly gi kia?
Yr haram relationship ka sb s bara nuqsan yh ha k you're in continous state of gunah. Like kufr ki halat m ho har time. Phr zina ki tarf b ly jata. Is liay behtr ha k shadi kr lo amma s bolo larki dhonndhain
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Broke up with my boyfriend becauce he couldn't leave his female friends for me. I am so sad. Tell me what to do

Find another boyfriend. :)
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Which phone you are currently using iphone or Samsung?

Samsung A10s
When I bought this phone in 2k20, I only had 19k in my account. My old phone was broken and I needed a new phone. I went to buy a phone and asked them to show me the most SASTA phone they have. They started showing it from 6k and then they say they had a one from Samsung( my old baby was Samsung too and it was gifted by my father on my admission) khair they showed it and it was 18k. Total was of 18.5k and I got it.
Wesy it has the worst memory and most of the times it don't work good but it was the first phone I bought myself from my earning so I love it till now. I am in a toxic relationship with my phone. 🌚🌚

What are your views on dua zehra case

First of all, she wasn't legally allowed to get married. Idk why court is insisting on keeping the marriage?
Like still they're okay with child marriages???
Idk the real story but there are laws and they should be followed. She's just 14, like not even physically mature to get married. Laws should be followed mannnnnnn
I respect court rooms and their decisions but this is just....

Would you believe someone who says that she is facing financial instability, and then she sends you snaps where she is enjoying with her friends?

Yr I've seen people like that. May she's speaking truth with you and living a double standard life in her friends. It's that age where people just show how much money they can spend on clothes, jewelry, mobile phones, fast food and other luxuries. Chahy us k liay unko gurdy bechny parain.
It's a lie because it's life.

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