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If you were a road sign, what would you say?

Just breathe :)

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Who had the biggest influence on you as a kid?

Mama :) still has, these days :)

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Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

"OMG seriously?" "Oh please..." "Aww..." "Thanks!" "Sorry" "It's alright" "Are you serious?" (as you can see, I ask people if they're serious all the time hahahaha)

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感恩有你。 :)


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Do you prefer talking or texting?

Talking > texting in general.

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How can u be sure you're going to last forever with him?!

You wanna know the truth? I can't. I can't be sure. Past experiences have taught me never to predict the future, because good or bad, fruitful or miserable, wonderful or lifeless, you never know. Of course you can put in the effort to achieve your goals and dreams, and always give your 110% in everything you do, but life doesn't always turn out the way you want it to be. Sometimes it's crazy, at times completely unexpected, but I believe it's living in the moment that counts. So yes, my point here is, I don't know, I never would know. So I will just enjoy the present, and count my blessings :)

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You actually have another admirer.

Are you a shopaholic?

Haha far from that!

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If you feel stressed what would you do to reduce it?

Eating out of stress & anxiety is something I've been working on. I wouldn't say I've completely learned how to overcome it, but I will tell you that I've been getting better at intuitive eating. And also, sports, exercising, watching movies, talking to my family especially my mum about it. And you know what they say? When all else fails, take a nap. ;)

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When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A news reporter!

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I really lyk a girl but dun dare to tell her cuz scared kena rejected... What shud I do?

I personally believe that if you truly like someone, you'd be willing to summon the courage and confess. Because hey, if you really like her, you would want to be in the position to make that person happy, to share her joy and be the person she calls her true love. I know it's tough especially when facing a girl you fancy, but is that girl you like not worth your effort and time to chase her? If you ask yourself and the answer isn't, perhaps it's just an admiration towards her- not the real kind of love. But if you find yourself saying yes, then go after her. The stars just might align because love is unique like that. All the best!

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Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?

I hope I'm neither. Realllllllyyyyyy.

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Remember to smile :)

What was the last life-changing decision you had to make?

Picked up public speaking. I am so grateful for public speaking. It helped me discover my interest for writing and reading as well, and the experiences have taught me so many valuable lessons a book cannot provide. It's the entire process that I truly treasure. I have made friends with my competitors, prepared myself spontaneously to deal with different judges, bonded with the teachers over the practices and car trips, and learned to accept failure and better myself to achieve greater results. On the stage, presenting and speaking, I feel alive. I feel confident, I feel happy, I feel on top of the world. I enjoy memorising and digesting the script, practising my hand gestures and perfecting my intonation, reciting to my family members, visualising my performance on stage, actually stepping on stage and presenting in front of the audiences, last but not least, I love the moment when I crown champion because I look forward to sharing such wonderful moments with my family and friends. I looooove public speaking, poem reciting, story telling, forums, presentations, and just everything related to speaking. Thankful for my family who is incredibly supportive and encouraging, grateful for the teammates and people I have worked with who made every experience of mine in public speaking so memorable.

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Hi! I know your AS exam is just around the corner, so I sincerely wish you all the best in your exam, endure this one-month-long exam, no need to worry about anything, time management is utmost important, and I believe you can scored well with little or no difficulties.xDD -Someone who admires you:)

Reading this completely made my day. I'm so thankful for your support & kind reminders. Time magement- key point, indeed. I will remember and apply it in order to excel in my academics. All the best to you in everything you do. I don't know who you are, but I love you already :)

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What's one thing everyone should do in their lifetime?

Laugh until your stomach hurts. Love passionately. Hug your loved ones so right they can't breathe (not for too long!). Have a date with Mother Nature. Leave footprints on the beach. Make someone smile. Tell yourself you're enough, you're worth it every single day. Public speaking! :) Learn a new sport! Write love letters. Oh please do... They're the sweetest things! Have the courage to chase after your dreams, which includes chasing after the boy/ girl who has a special place in your heart ;)

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If you could choose to stay a certain age forever, what age would it be?


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Do you have a blog?


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How did you make your first money?

By participating in a Malay poem reciting competition organised by the government in conjunction of Malaysia's culture week. What a way to earn money huh? Frankly speaking, I wasn't aware that money was part of the prize. It was my first time competing in a poem reciting competition, and the eleven-year-old me was more excited than nervous because I had two other friends who took part with me, one my senior and the other my classmate. And to be honest, I was very well prepared at that point- I fell deeply in love with anything related to speaking. I remember the guy who bagged champion, he recited the Chinese poet way (taking slow steps- he walked around instead of standing at a spot like all of us did- smart!, lots of gazing at the sky- which in our case, the auditorium's ceiling). I remember myself being pleasantly calm though, which surprised even myself but managed to earn me my first runner up, which was amazing because it was my first time and I was so young! The amount was RM 300 (yay to events held by government because the award was pretty rewarding to me), and I told my Malay teachers (whom I have so much love for because they literally watched me grew- I could still remember their faces until now- because of public speaking I meet up with them so often in primary school and I am blessed to have them trained my brothers and I) that I was going to buy them lunch or something the next day after the competition :) my gosh, the good old days...

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u said han qin and eik ren r ur best friendss.... hv u ever felt differetly about them? say...... **winks**

Unless you are Han Qin & Eik Ren themselves, only then I will tell :P no other people should know this other than the people involved :)

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What sport do you do?

LOVE this question.

I used to be an avid runner until I dealt with shin splints, it stopped tormenting me after a long period of time but I realised that the injuries from running weren't going to take a break on me. I think the structure of my feet (flat footed) makes running (huge impact) largely challenging to me. So I decided to say a temporary goodbye to running and re-embrace it only my legs and right sole feels better and heal completely. Right now, I am contented cycling, swimming, playing basketball, and badminton (so much playing fun with the friends esp! They're the best!). I also picked up tennis for about a year, I plan to resume learning after my A levels :)

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What annoys you the most?

People who criticise. Constructive critism is perfectly acceptable, but really, some people have the tendency of pointing something negative out of people from head to toe. Those people never realise what an impact they can do to people. It hurts. I constantly remind myself how bad it must feel to be in the shoes of the victim being criticised, and to look at the bright and positive traits on others. Life has so many beautiful things, people, and incidents to show me than to focus on the negativity part of anything or anyone.

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Sit back and relax :)

*draws a heart shape :)

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Who are your best male friends besides your brothers?

Ooh, I love this question. I'm not sure if you actually know them, but they're Han Qin and Eik Ren. The three of us were classmates in high school for two years, but we've only gotten closer during this year. Ironic and pretty sad, actually, but I don't want to look back and I am very fortunate to be maintaining my friendship with both Han Qin and Eik Ren.

Han Qin has been helpful and encouraging to me all this while. Whenever I need him, he's most of the time there to guide and advise. I love that he occasionally greets me in the morning, because as I mentioned daily wishes like that- as simple as that may seem, are what brighten my day. I share my troubles with him, as I find him a great listener. I crave and yearn for the emotional boosters that he provides me whenever I'm facing any challenges or hurdles in life.

As for Eik Ren, we have been studying in the same school since primary all the way to now in college. He's funny, matured (his actions and words may speak otherwise but I know from the bottom of my heart, he thinks rationally :) ) as well as amazingly generous and tolerant. I've never seen him raised his temper, speaks harshly or anything of that sort. He's such an easy-going person, I find myself very comfortable being with him.

I say that the both of them are who I really regard as my close friends because I feel so at ease being with them. I always look forward to playing badminton with them during the weekends. I secretly wish we could hang out more often, because just seeing them makes me happy. I remember the last time when we had an outing in Sunway, they (and the rest of the group) made me laugh my heart out, and in a long time, I forgot all my worries. I love them so much I want to always be there for them. Having to part with my two brothers is still a very tough situation for me to cope with, and I am thankful for their presence because they bring colours into my supposedly dull life. I hope our friendships only grow stronger.

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Congratz Wei Jun !!! :DDDD

Haha what? I'm smiling but confused at the same time.

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