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You are so skinny and beautiful. I would KILL to look like you. Stop feeling bad about yourself and start enjoying your life cause you only have one to live

whatever you say i cant believe you .. im sorry. im broken. im alone. i hate myself. ill never be anything more than nothing

How well can you cook?

pretty well hahaha cx im having urges to be cooking that i acyually had a dream about a stove and kitchen in my dorm room and i was so sad when i woke up! D':

tbh~ your soo pretty and seem so nice!! your perfect.<3! i can't say who this is but i think this will give you a clue(; : did you get the "beautiful" font? haha. Anyways, you look really fun to be with. Oh and i guess i have to ask a question? ok umm .. Why are you so pretty? haha

Hahhaah jade ? LOL thanks!! cx
But tbh im so boring.. I spend all day on tumblr, and listening to music + i spend all night watching anime ._. Hahaha xD <3 Thank youu lovee! You are waaay prettier though. xx

What's the most interesting thing you've done in the last 24 hours?

watched the conjuring with my boyfriend <3

Hey you, yeah, you with the cute face. I love you, don't ever change or feel your not good enough. You mean everything to me and you're the reason I have a smile on my face everyday. You're constantly on my mind and forever in my heart. Rawrrr <3

I love you :3 <3

Why Aaron. Like giovany sounds better

I like both(: And its really not your buisness anyways what ever he chose.


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