Ask @KimiLeVadge:

I can't work myself up to buying a vibrator/dildo, so I use my shower head for self-pleasure. However, I have been getting frequent BV infections. I am sure it is due to the pH imbalance I am causing with the shower head. Is there anything I can do to prevent them without giving up my showerhead?

That's an excellent question. There could be a few issues causing the BV; deposits on the shower head itself,OR the water being too "hard." I would start by getting your pH back in order with a product like rePhresh first. Then, try soaking the shower head in white vinegar and rinsing it off. That may help with the deposits coming off the head and into the water. Fixing the hard water is a much deeper isssue, it's probably cheaper to buy a small bullet vibrator instead. I hope that helps - feel free to email me,

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