Which male celebrity do you wish was your brother?

Stephen Amell. Yeah I know it may be not best choice to pick someone so hot etc. but i want to say that i adore his personality. He is amazing human being with big heart, he's caring, funny, helpful and sweet - at least this is how I see him.

Are you into crossovers? If so, what was your first xover or AU video you made? What inspired you to doing it? Was it someone else video, or maybe you just wanted to make a vid to a fanfiction story? Maybe something else? Nina

OFC more then anything. OMG I don't know let me check..
First full crossover video was Dean/Elena surprise surprise :D It was so lame, i was beginner who had no idea how vidding work but yeah Dealena was my first. Shuva aka skoobie79 was reason I started love those two and guess she was my inspiration to make a vid with them. Back then I wanted make own series and my fav crossover was 1 part of that series. I made 15 parts to this thing and I stopped cuz somehow lost inspiration or mostly motivation cuz finding all stuffs took me days to even start video.

I have to say that before crossover vid I made AU. I think it was a polish series Magda M and then another vid also with polish series Kryminalni :) Both was awful and I am not even sure if I can call it AU

10 characters(not more than 2 per fandom) would you like to see drop dead soon? :D Aga

I should sue you of copyright :D
Ok let's go:

1. Cath(Hawaii five 0)!!!
2. Lydia(TW)
3. Rachel (Revolution)
4. Iris (The Flash)
5. Nikita (Nikita) I never liked her, show should be on Alex's shoulders
6. Lexa (The 100)
7. Claire (Daredevil)
8. Theo(TW) cuz I don't want him near Malia!
9. Adam (Hawaii five 0)
10. Katherine (TVD) universe made me happy she actually is

Why do you like watching and making crossovers so much? Do you prefer orginal couples that you've never seen before or couples like Kai/Malia (that are almost canon now)? Do you prefer use cookie cutter or masking while making a xover? Aga

Okay i see we are on xover subject :D

1. I like create or see "new" stories. Sometimes U see two characters from so different fandoms and U just have feeling they are match to be a epic couple, make a great family members or be super badass enemies. Other that that it happens that your fav character is ruined by writers, they become boring, have no rational stories or get good connection with other character so U want to make fix it, U are trying to find better solution that what i love in crossovers.
2. Both actually. Sometimes i love couples so much that i don't mind watch or vid them again, sometimes I love to do it with something fresh, unusual.

3. I think I never used cookie cutter to make manips etc. I always use masking. I think it gives you more work place

With which of the crossover/au pair would like to see the video from thw other vidders? Lean

Gosh plenty
*Dealena(more unusual story cuz I am so tired of all of ones other people copy over and over again)
*Kai/Malia(also with something fresh) maybe for once she gonna chase him
Steve/Erin gosh i love them (h50/chpd)
*Rose/Isaac (Vampire Academy/TW) new obsession ♥♥♥
*Derek/Claire (TW/Heroes) they look cute together
*some book trailer for example BlackIce!!! Bloodlines(and Sam Claflin as Adrian)
*Scott/Malia AU friendship ♥ something intense, emotional and beautiful
*Steve/Alex (h50/Nikita) as siblings
*Seth/Erin (FDTD/CHPD) sound interesting she's cop, he is thief
*Romelza AU something hmmm maybe modern vid with flashbacks
*Pacey/Brooke (Dawson's Creek/OTH) I think they would be perfect for each other
*Elizabeth/Ross (P&P/Poldark) I saw parts with them and I vid them before in vid so I would love to see them again

I have really many wishes :D
Thanks for great question Lean :*

As a host of tcvc and a vidder yourself, what yould you like to see in tcvc entries? What would impress you? Aga

Something different than just weather and obvious associations. Something which is genius and surprising. Def not easy, boring and typical ideas like was promo. I need to be WOW OMG FUCK DAMN IT how he/she even figured it out, where come from so good idea?!

Make an anagram out of your name!

A King

....that all I could do with my name :D

I still don't understand your Dealena obsession xD How can you don't like Elena and don't watch SPN ans still ship them? XD Aga

Blame Shuva for it, she made them my obsession years ago. i don't care Elena was a bitch. In crossover who can make character like u want to, it's all depends on your imagination. yeah i also saw like 15 episodes of SPN but I love Dean and Sam anyway(and Jo)

If you'll have the chance to save only 1 character's life... would it be Scott or Stiles? ;D *Scolia or Stalia* Aga


Is there a movie or tvseries that's coming this year and you can't wait to see? Aga

Hmmmm...Containment but only cuz of useful Chris Wood scenes....Shelley Hennig can't wait already :D

maybe also
-Damien (Bradley!)
-Fuller House
-Real Detective

Which crossover/au couples you miss vidding? And are you planning to make a cross/au vid soon? Aga

Aww my stoker is back :D

I guess mostly *Dealena* they are my heart and I can't vid them, i don't know why.

Ofc I am planing...I am always planning...and then planing and planing again etc!

KRQ: Do you have any ship that you didn't ship from the beginning but you started shipping them after few episodes (or seasons)??? or do you have ship that you shipped a lot from the beginning but then something happened and you stopped shipping them??? Kate's Random Questions

Hmm ofc i think everyone have ships like that.

-Do you have any ship that you didn't ship from the beginning but you started shipping them after few episodes (or seasons)???

Sylar and Claire from Heroes. I know shipping them is kind of crazy idea but actors had such a great chemistry, it was such a waste to not give them a shot.

do you have ship that you shipped a lot from the beginning but then something happened and you stopped shipping them??? or Emily/Daniel (Revenge) i finally started to ship then and few eps later they kill Daniel damn it.

Yeah few like:
Caroline/Enzo(TVD), Cassie/Adam(TSC), Nick/Juliette(Grimm), Lizzy/Tom(The blacklist) and Sean/Alex (Nikita) cuz he didn't understand her at all and didn't give her enough support in second half of s3

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@whoisdsharp asks, "What is the one thing that brings you the most joy?”

Vidding ofc! but lately also those two

toes for fingers or fingers for toes ;) allure

brain fo head

Thanks o/ Tudo Confuso

No problem. Love that song so enjoy

Thank you! :) I'm already subscribed, so I will definitely check the auditions! Eloisa ♥

Ok super :*

Hey :) There will be an audition video for xXBetweenTheLinesXx new members or who's interest has to write a message to the channel? I'd really like to audition! Eloisa ♥

Yes at the end of this or in next week I will prepare audition video so follow BTL channel to get info :)

Soon crossover/au collab group: xXBetweenTheLinesXx gonna search for few new members. Kinga-kindon18

Anyone here will be interested?


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Nope, only WhatsApp

What's music the new video? Tudo Confuso

what video?

@theyloveearii asks, "Have you ever eaten glue or a crayon or anything strange?”

something for sure but now nothing comes to my mind

Do you ever take part in vidding contests? If so, what was your favourite task during rounds? It might be something that you had an idea for immediately or something that gave you hell in the process, but afterwards you were really happy with the outcome, etc. Nina

I took part few time in contest but hmm in last one organized by 2words12letters in round 1 I had immediately idea for my video and I think it turned quite well. There was also moment in other collab when i was kind of mad i had to vid someone I hate because I [prefer vid thing I like or enjoy of making but at the end I was happy for once I could try something different.

I did it with pleasure:

it was hell for me:

and that one was kind of challenging:

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