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Hej, mam pytanie skąd pobierasz odcinki/filmy z 5.1 audio tak, żeby było 6 kanałów?

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To zalezy. Nie mogę podać Ci konkretneg miejsca bo jest ich bardzo duzo.

where to download asian dramas?

there is no like one place for all. most website i know separate them depending on countries. i recommend for kdramas DramaDay.net and for some others for example Pahe
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where did you download because of you the bl drama from? i can't find it anywhere :\\

This one I have from friend :) try Viki

What program do you use to clip scenes?

to what? for editing I use Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Sony Vegas Pro 12

hi! I really love your edits! I was wondering where do you get the translation for your Korean dramas? Thanks a lot!! xx

Hi! Thank you :)
I either watch them online or find subtitles on websites like "Subscene'

best places to watch thailand (or really any general) bl dramas?

For me it all depends, I watch on many websites etc but you can check gcinee.com they have manyyyyyyyyyy BL stuffs


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