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If you were to write a movie script – what would it be about?

love and fantasy I guess

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Are you an art lover?

yes like vidding, music, I some draws and painting finding inspuring as well

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Which activities or hobbies make you lose track of time?


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What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

chocolate and lemon

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Where do you find new music?

yt, tv shows, movies etc.

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What can make you angry?

more like mom is master in it

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What type of question would you like to receive more & what type of question would you like to receive less?

something what's gives me fun to answer instead of being pissed, bored or frustrated

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Make a screens of your fav manips for videos/collab parts U made. (it can be just few, or a lot)


ehh I am terrible with manips but here are few

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Tag the first ever vidder you subbed and why you subbed them :)

No clue but I know TheTwins90 were one of first xD

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The school holiday is coming closer and closer. What is your one great plan for summer holidays?

Holiday are mosty for students I am not one of them from years xD anyway about plans for summer... my sis want me to go at Sea with her and her family but I will try everything I can to not go 😆

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Do you like heavily colored eyebrows?

no comment

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Would you raise your child the way your parents raised you?

You don't want to see me raising a child trust me.
I mean I know how to take care of kid but he/she would end up us soldier or robot

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do you have any collabs planned with other vidders?

I working on collab with @BloodyLean right now. In future maybe will do one with @moonxriver bc we once talked about it. We'll see

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TempestQs: Do you have vidding snacks (specific things you like to eat while working on a project)?


my hands are too busy while I vidding so not eating but I may drink coffee in between

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What would you do if you woke up to find yourself alone on Earth?

I would call @BloodyLean on Asgard. she would take me there so we could start searching @Guzik90ab

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How are you??

tired but okay. what about you anonym?

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📚 Book Question: How many books have you read by now this year? Which one is your favorite so far?

Jazzi's BookQuestions.

ehh only 5 books plus 2 in progress. I kind of get lazy lately with Reading. shame on me I know. anyway this year my fav so far would be "Maybe Someday" by Colleen Hoover

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Which meme describes you the best?

What YouTube video made you laugh recently?

What all sites do you use to download t.v series/movies?


I answered this q few times 😊

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