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Your song of the day!

Supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari!

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Are you married with Kwon???? XDDDDDDD

on a cliff, in Barbados, at sunset, and Stevie Wonder sang Isn’t She Lovely as I walked down the aisle. and my veil was lace, made by blind, Belgium nuns. :pppp

(in case this question is srs and not someone from my twitter TL-friends, no, we're not. lol)

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It's cute how your instagram is mostly pictures of your dogs. I like the white husky!

haha, I do post about them mostly, don't I? :p
but ahh, Casper (I assume that's the one you're referring to, and he's actually my aunt's dog, unlike Batman and Bobo) is not a husky though, it's another breed but I can't recall what it is. I'll have to ask my aunt.

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You were a very loud member of animesuki forums years ago arguing about Kallen and Lelouch in Code Geass and Alto and Sheryl in Macross Frontier being confirmed as canon, right? I'm happy to see you are doing well after all those years. x)

Huuum, hummm...maybe! :p
I had to argue about Kalulu much more than I did for AltoSheryl though, I mean the latter were pretty much canon from the anime (the infamous #22 episode!), didn't even need the 2nd movie. Never the less, the movie allowed it to enter the canon skies forever and ever, so yay for that too! :DDD (let us see if a S3 will do the same for Kalulu, haha..probably not though lol.)
But now I wonder who you might be, it's been quite a long time but I still recall a few members I used to exchange visitor messages with back in the days- um, hit me up on twitter with a DM if you feel like it, I probably remember you too! :)

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I have traveled to Lake Inawashiro and Ren was right. It is beautiful. I hope you see it one day. XD


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have you guys abandonned dramajjang? :(

Nope! I mean, as explained in a latest post, we don't have the time to post as frequently anymore; Kwon is very busy with an upcoming job, my sister is still in theater school with limited time, and I too, have my hands full, with job-hunting and studying and blah. (I would have posted the Nigehaji finale already btw, but I ruined two of my fingers and I can't type properly and for a long time these days)
But nope, we won't let the dramajjang-ship to go down completely!

If it ever gets down to this though, we're definitely gonna make a post about it and keep the blog as an archive for our older posts.

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I saw you posted on twitter a Hyorin song about your difficulty with japanese particles lol. They drove me crazy too but if you keep studying it will become easier. Good luck with your N4 at summer.

loool, "driving me crazy" DEFINITELY captures my feelings on that front! (hell, it can describe my collective dreadful experience with studying in general!)
And thank you :D I hope I can live up to the task- figured I'd go for N4 as in to push myself a bit harder, cause lord knows I can be a mega slacker, but now I've got a goal in mind, it pushes me to work a bit more.

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Did you like FFXV?

I still don't own a PS4 (always say I will save enough but then poop happens) but a friend recently bought it, so I might hop in his place to check it out a bit, till the promised day comes for me haha.

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Your twitter avatar is so cuuuuute!<3

lol thank you! (even though, I'm not sure which one is you're referring to- can't remember if I had the woohyun one three weeks ago, or was it Masaki or..Tori? lol either way :p)

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You have Itsuka Kono Koi books scripts right? Is the kissing scene the same as in the drama? I read somewhere they changed it.Thanks.

Yep, I do; and it's different, yeah. In general, there are a couple different touches too. I can scan the specific pages and share them in an entry in dramajjang. (I will do it soon!)

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Do you have instagram?

Hmmm, I don't remember lol. I think my sis made an account for me a while ago, but I haven't used it myself. Now you mentioned it, I'm gonna check that.

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I just asked you what you will do; not who you'll choose!

huh? wait, what? what would I do??

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I wanted to comment on your LTMYC recap finale but I thought you wouldn't see it since it is from March. So thank you from here, for your contribution to the fandom. I am also an Oto and Ren fan so it was nice to see your thoughts. What is your favorite moment with them? Your username is great btw.

Ahh, thank you so much but you don't need to thank me- I ADORED doing Itsukoi and it will definitely remain one of my top-favorite series for years to come, for certain personal relatable reasons as well.

Hmmm, I loved pretty much all their moments (duh!) but it's probably between two scenes; the one near the end of #07 ep, after Oto brings him back and they fix together Shizue's garden and the garden blooms anew just like their relationship gets another starting point ( and it's probably the ONLY moment where they do not discuss smth too lol, power in silence for one!).
The other one is in #08 ep, in the very start, where they both talk about trivial stuff they heard at work and are eager to share with each other. Hmm yeah, I'd probably pick this one as my top-fav; those mundane, normal yet meaningful stuff you can't wait to talk about them with your loved one- that scene describes them perfectly!

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if you need to choose between me and Tori, what will you do?


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What Final Fantasy is the one you like the more?

Ohhhh damn. That's such a hard question. Everytime I replay a FF I'm like "that is the one, that's the best probably!" and then I proceed to repeat the same for the other and the other etc
But idk, if I really, REALLY had to pick one..FFVIII? wait, FFIX. Hm, maybe VII? But..there's also VI that's awesome.
Ahhh, probably FFVIII, probably, lol.

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Do you think Arsenal have a chance in the title this year? They blew a very good chance last season.

(I assume you're talking about EPL right?)
Yes, I always think we have a shot! Hell, I'm one of the most optimistic supporters, like every new season I'm like "WE'RE WINNING THE TREBLE!" before..I land on my face in the end, haha.
Yeah, last season hurt, it did- we messed up big time, seeing as it was probably the only time where all the other big teams were collectively out of the race, relatively early. That hasn't happened in like forever, so the pressure (and rightfully) was on us to perform. Sadly, we didn't do that when it mattered and that's why we came out second. (there is some comfort in the manner which we came second though, and the fact that Spuds collapsed :pp)
I expect a couple additions before the window closes, and I believe we can challenge again. If this is Wenger's last year in Arsenal (it probably will be) it would be poetic to win it for him as well. (and tbh, I would take Ch L over EPL nowadays but that does seem a pipe dream atm lol. Oh well, DON'T STOP BELIEVIN' :D)

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If you were going to do karaoke tonight, what song would you sing?

Glamorous Sky! I can sing that song, all day, every day, and I rock at it!

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I like stuff and I dislike stuff. I like more stuff than I dislike though..I think.