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(assuming you consider yourself some type of religion) did you choose your religion after becoming educated about all the different kinds of religions, or did you simply become a member of the religion that you were raised as?

I was born born and raised Muslim.. But I'm not religious, and to be more clear I have my thoughts about god and worshiping .. But I don't deny his existence cuz I felt it and I see it all the time...

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oops. ok technically every baby on earth is not born atheist. they are born agnostic. (babies don't know if god exists or not). until their parents or society or someone else tells them about god/religion. and they either believe it too or they don't.

Well babes are the closest creators to god cuz they're created by him\her..
If you like it or not.. You're created by god and you'll go back to god, and if you believe that after death you'll become one with this earth and turn into a tree.. Cool, I hope you do and I hope a Christian sweaty man come with his axe and cut you into pieces , turn you to paper and write the Qur'an and the Bible on you :)

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atheism is not a fashion. atheism is naked. every baby on earth is born atheist.. until the parents dress them in a religion.

I don't believe in this saying,,
Cuz every religion is taking it and making the right out of it..
And tbh I'm seeing miracles all the time,, today I've seen a car making it self by it self 😍

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عم شوف فيلم بمثل فيه ممثل اسمو "Chris Hemsworth" حسيتو بيشبهك كتير!

هلأ انا بشبه كريس هيمسورث!!! صلِ ع النبي 😂😂
شو جاب لجاب ولو 😁
ع كلن ميرسي هدا احلا اطراء بخصوص شكلي بسمعو من مدة 😂
و مين هالانون يلي نكشني بعد فترة و شبهني ب كريس؟؟! 😁

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