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Megan Wilkinson?

No. You're just gonna go through my friends list until I say yes. So from now on, if you name people. I'm not gonna answer them.
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if you appreciate my honesty then know that i would appreciate yours

Honesty can't work both ways unless both people know each other. And as you are anonymous, I don't know you, therefore I feel less inclined to tell you anything.
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Im interested because im nosy. That's it. So please just tell what colour eyes and hair she has?

Appreciate the honesty. She's a bald albino. So she doesn't have hair and her eyes are pink.
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what colour eyes does she/he have? answer me this and i wont ask you anything else!

Why do you want know so much? What would you even get out of it?

so you wont tell us ANYTHING about her? even if its something really simple like what colour her eyes are??

Sorry if this displeases you, but yes. Not gonna post stuff like that on the internet. If you wan to find out anything, you have a better chance at asking me in person.

what is the point in having an ask if you wont tell?

I have a choice in what I answer. You ask, I answer. It's not my problem if you don't get the answer you want :P

what is he/she like?

That's for me to know and for you to find out. But I guess you're trying to find out. So I guess it's only for me to know :P

So if you get this question it means I follow you on here which means you're probably pretty rad. I wanna know what you think I need to do in order to be pretty rad though self improvement is the name of the game but it's not a game it's LIFE

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I'm not so rad myself, though I had a brother who was nicknamed Rad Pat. I suppose the first you thing you could do is embrace the fact that people appreciate you and your well being. Also invite others out to picnics, rad people like picnics.

If you could communicate with your pet for just a minutes, and they would understand, what would you say?

Is there anything you have always wanted to do?

Do you like watching musicals?

I'ts not that I dont like them, It's more like I've never taken the time to do so.


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