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Public Service Announcement:

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
Hello everyone,
In light of the fairly polarizing opinions about AQoD, I wanted to give a reminder that if you do not wish to receive these questions, you are free to unsubscribe by submitting an to this account. Please be clear about your intent in your message.
Since the beginning, I intended AQoD to be a fun, laid back, time-killer for anitwitterites who didn't receive enough questions and wanted more questions on their account. The questions were not meant to be very serious. Just like's official "Question of the Day", I encourage subscribers to pick and choose the questions they wish to answer. Delete any question you don't like. Answer any part of any question you feel like answering.
AQoD is meant to be fun. I do care about people's opinions because I'd like AQoD to be enjoyable for everyone. My original goal was to make questions that are more interesting and deeper than run-off-the-mill "40 Anime Questions" (e.g. "What's your favorite anime?"). However, if the universal opinion is that the questions are too complicated and have too many parts, I will acquiesce because AQoD is meant as a service to the subscribers; my primary interest is to make questions that YOU like.
With that said, I'd like to thank everyone for being patient with me. Please continue to give me feedback so that I can continually improve the questions that are asked.
Best wishes,
PS. plz bash me (Kirito) moar because I'm a masochist and my shit taste is shittier than everyone else's! :)

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Public Service Announcement!

kirito_sama’s Profile PhotoKazuto Kirito
Dear Friends,
Unfortunately, real life is getting tough and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find time to manage this account. While I'd like to keep this account going as long as possible, I can't put an estimate on exactly how long I'll last.
Therefore, I'd like to put out a notice that help is wanted!
If you're interested in jointly running this account with me (and designing questions on a regular basis), please message my inbox and I'll get in touch with you.

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