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u post too much on tumblr

$50 bucks that my blog is 1000034940392859247584138571485784713587198478941375891798571498571984758748774518759871948574198758147587485971094835710984758479847135981795871948758147589137589173489579875841375805860284687240827098768245068275809675867250672086702878657825087568725801874098350860284687240827098768245068275809675867250672086702878657825087568725801874098350817459817085710847084758785714839570847581347584571075084748571947149358349851342845286782756895408965480628746589275860298756827685420967208547608954768095729087620985702657457193847514174598170857108470847587857148395708475813475845710750847485719471493583498513428452867827568954089654806287465892758602987568276854209672085476089547680957290876209857026574571938475147 times better than yours <3

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u need to get ur little white girl ass to stop listening to skrillex and kendrick lamar nd jay z. go back to listening to one direction nd whoever the fuck cody simpson is. Ur like 13 go take a nap little girl

IM ACTUALLY LAUGHING SO SO HARD AT THIS YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. LETS GET THINGS STRAIGHT. I don't need to get my "white girl ass" off music I enjoy ok, AND IM NOT WHITE?!? IM ASIAN?!?! LOLOL I can listen to whatever I want to listen to. And third, I'm just about 15. After I shame you with this answer, go back to kindergarten and learn to spell you ignoramus asshole.

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