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What's something that you've read recently that you've liked?

I just finished The Handmaid's Tale, and I'm currently reading its sequel, The Testaments.

Do you have any advice for people starting out on youtube?

Be authentic, mean what you say (and if you have the strength, and if needed, necessary support systems), say everything you mean, and own -- take responsibility for -- everything that comes out of your mouth.

What does your bedroom smell like?

Febreze Downy Unstopables "Fresh", Fabuloso multi-purpose cleanser, and love & serenity. ❤️

Cats or dogs?

... Have you not seen my username? Cats, for sure. But that's not to say I don't like dogs, because I do. But my preference is definitely for felines! ?

Do shooting stars have the power to fulfill wishes?

I'd like to think they do. I'll put it this way: when I see a shooting star, I most definitely make a wish!
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What is your dream job?

My dream job is sort of what I'm doing now -- web design, website maintenance, SEO-oriented marketing -- but in an office setting with others. Freelancing can be rather lonely!

Do you like to act spontaneously or plan things? Why?

These days I'm much more of a planner. Impulse decisions and plans can be fun, but they can also be quite stressful.
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What are the things you want to avoid in a relationship?

Above everything else: dishonesty. Trust is the foundation of a successful relationship.

What are your favorite beverages?

Water, because I am boring; and milk, but only with cookies. :)

What do you expect in 2014?

I don't know about expectations, but I am going to somehow make this year better than the last few!

I live in pa, and looking for home, is your home budget (good price) and what town? I see by your photos it looks like your in a very country part, are there any major stores n etc around?

We live in a rural area of PA, and generally rural areas are cheaper. The cost of houses vary greatly on size, location, amount of land, etc.; but 'round these parts, you can rent 2 and 3 bedroom houses for under $700/month. It's pretty great. :)
Store-wise, we have Walmart, Target, the national chains of pharmacies, and there's a mall about 15 miles away. Overall though, there's not much happening here... and that's fine by me. ;)

your house looks so cute and cozy, can you take pics of your bedroom, and the other rooms and outside house shots would be great too

You don't want to see our bedroom - it's rather cramped (not very big for a master bedroom, and our bed and my computer desk take up a lot of space, and the location of the closet makes furniture arrangement a PITA). And the outside is boring, too. ;)

How come you always label Ryan as your "autistic son"? I mean, I get that he has autism, but I'm sure there is more to him than that? Shouldn't he be your son first? "My son Ryan, who is autistic" I don't know. Just a thought? Hope I didn't offend.

You're absolutely right, and you've given me food for thought. Thank you - no offense taken. :)

given all of the surgeries and stuff that followed afterwards do you ever regret getting your gastric bypass, or do you think you would've had the same issues if you stayed big/lost it naturally?

Chances are, without the surgery, I probably wouldn't have lost as much weight as I did with it. Having the surgery forced me on the right path and has kept me there. And over time, I don't even need the "consequences" (discomfort, vomiting, dumping syndrome) of overeating or eating the wrong things, because I've become so accustomed to my limitations.
With that said, without the surgery it's a 50/50 shot as to whether or not I would have needed my gallbladder out... there's a family history of gallbladder issues and surgical removals, and me losing the amount of weight I did gave mine the final K.O.
But without the surgery, I wouldn't have had the intestinal issues (twisting)... and it's doubtful I would have developed ulcers, since a normal digestive system has a better blood flow, and thus would be able to heal itself more quickly and efficiently.
But still...no regrets. If I was still the weight I was before (over 300 lbs), I would have been a mess, health-wise, just in other ways.

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What is your favorite mobile app?

Gmail! Not going to lie: I need to keep tabs on work & personal emails at all times. :)


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