Ask @KitchaCrestillion:

Do you think its right that a relationship is worth risking friendship with others? like you have a partner or you are dating one, and because of that you no longer have the time you used to for your friends. what is right and what is wrong

I my case I'd find time for both, and have both parties respect I don't have infinite time for anyone. I already spend so much time on music, Youtube and work that I trust they would understand.
With that being said, I really want people to stop bring up "right or wrong" in these situations. It's entirely up to you how much time you spend with your partner and friends, and if YOU find your partner SO mesmerizing that you can't find time for your friends, it's entirely your choice. It's neither right or wrong, just explain your feelings to them and don't be a douche about it. They're your friends right?

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Hva synes foreldrene dine om den stilen du har?? Med tanke på *cultural differences*??:3

Mina föräldrar brukade vara CHOCKADE när jag började - speciellt när håret bytte färg. Men de lärde sig acceptera min stil, och idag stöttar de den fullt ut och tycker det är skitballt att jag wingar något eget även om de inte fattar grejen. Älskar mina föräldrar, de stöttar mig trots sin strikta kultur!

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