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In my house it was the opposite! My mom was definitely the strict one. If you have kids do you think you'll be the nice parent or the tough one? lol

Both of my parents were strict. Mom wouldn’t let me stay the night with anyone or hang out with friends. Dad was the only one that really dealt out punishments tho

Did you live with your mom or your dad after your parents got divorced?

Mom. I moved in with dad when i was 17 but moved out again a year later

Name 10 band from your state? I bet you can't do it. If you can get 10 I'll tell you the 10 from my state


I see you the only one who knew me and now your eyes see through Me i guess I was wrong, so now what? It's plain to see we're over and I hate when things are over when so much is left undone

Is this a song


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