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Would you be skeptical if a stranger was willing to give you money without wanting anything in return?

Hawk81484’s Profile PhotoHawk
maybe, but that's only because I work in retail lol

Just breathe 🧘‍♀️ yard work work will help

This is true, but I can only do that 2x a week due to work

You’re pulling away from me… why? Why is it so hard to talk? I give you space when you want/need it. I don’t pressure you to do anything. I don’t ask you to do anything but yet there’s nothing but radio silence coming from you. You’re pulling away and I think I’ll just let you.

I mean, I'm currently unable to contact anyone due to my phone not working. But all the times before that, there were plently of times to reach out if needed.

How long did it take to get over the breakup?

Well, it was 7 years on and off, so I think about 2-3 after it ended

Hypothetical scenario: What would you have done differently if given a chance to go back in HS?

Not focus so much on online dating lmao

What was the last compliment you gave someone?

It was actually a customer who had complemented me first lol. She said I was pretty, so I told her she was beautiful.

Do you believe in the prophecy?

Which one? I've lost track of all the "prophecies" that people have made lol.

What is your favorite black and white movie?

Honestly, I've only watched Christmas ones, but I've always wanted to watch "Gone With The Wind"

If you had a warning label attached to your head, what would it say?

"Do not approach without food"

Hey :) what is your favourite pastime? :)

NGL, if i had to choose one, it'd be sitting outside on warm days with sweet tea.


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