Tomorrow will be the last day of my life being in this world bye bye world

We never know when we die. :)
Are u sure u are ready for death to come? For the death angel to take ur soul away from ur body? And to meet Allah? Are you sure you are ready for all I've mentioned above?:)
I know u are facing some difficulties in life. But know that He wont tests u with the things u cant bare with. He tests you bcuz He loves you. He wants you to seek help and strength from Him. He misses you and therefore He sends tests to make you turn back to Him. :')
Ok sentap dgn ayat2 sndiri. This is srsly a reminder from Allah to me and you. Huhu
Whatever it is just turn back to Allah. If syaitan never fails and never giving up in destroying us;our hope n etc, and bringing us to hell, why would we give up easily on striving to reach our goals ; entering the heaven of Allah? :') just dont give up. Just now i too thought of giving up but in islam, there's no such thing as give up cuz we have Allah . :')
May Allah washes away your sadness and lighten your burden:)
fieyayaya also answered this question with: "Ermm u ok?"