What if I have no one to talk to?

Paling effective, tell Allah everything u think n feel eventho He already knows but just go ahead, perform a prayer much more better. Sujud yg terakhir tu, nangis puas2. Mnta puas2 kekuatan dri Allah. Klu tknk solat, doa je, nangis puas2 dlm bilik, cerita semua dkt Allah. He listens, He knows and He concerns. U will feel better afterwards. :) may Allah washes away ur sadness aamiin

I can't put it in words

Its ok. Kta faham. Btw, kta pn tgh down n sedih. Haha. Apapun, just cerita je pape yg terlintas dlm hati n fkiran. Tkya sebut just monolog dlm fkiran/ hati "ya Allah aku sedih. Ya allah aku tatau nk ckp cmna tp kau lebih tahu keadaanku skrg kau tahu apa yg dh berlaku aku mohon bg kekuatan." Haha srsly, I'm trying to hold back my tears right now. And srsly ur qn, justttttt haha right at the time. Hahha

May Allah ease everything for you too. Thanks for being kind eventho you're also going through things. 😊

Aamiin may Allah washes your tears and sadness away, May Allah eases your life, May Allah grants you with His blessings.
No need to thank me cuz i know what you're feeling right now eventho our situation might be diff and i really hope you will feel slightly better after reading my answers. :')
Pls know that Allah loves you more than a mother loves her child. Know that you worth a lot. Know that there is some ppl out there that still loves you and care for you. Feel free to share with me anytime :')
I can lend my ears and can spend some time for you in shaa allah.just anytime :)