Ask @kk_Marie:

[1]Age? _ [2] Fav color? _ [3] Height? _ [4] Single? _ [5] Best Memory? _ [6] Color Underwear right now? _ [7] Last kiss? _ [8] last hug? _ [9] Crush? _ [10] Kisses or Cuddles

16//Purple , yellow and green.// 5’7.5-5’8// yee // I have a good amount// I think it’s black//during summer// yesterday I think// I have but I ain’t saying shittt// both bothhh

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So there’s this girl that is absolutely beautiful(all natural)and from what I’ve heard has a great personality. My cousin is trying to get us to date. There is someone that has a crush on her and she kind of likes them too, but she said she’s down to get to know me. What should I do? Try or don’t?

Definitely try, you never know what can happen and you’re gonna regret not trying

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