Ask @kkkkiraann:

how are you so mature at this young age?

I wouldn’t be calling myself that because I still have so much space to grow, learn and experience. I am ready to experience the goodness, the badness and the thrill. You never mature, you learn and mature every single second of your life. Your roots and shoot have infinite space to grow themselves. 🌹❤️

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1. Think positive in every way, in every manner. Do think about the negatives just to avoid risks. 💛
2. Attain happiness in helping others. Others not only include the poor but every human being you come across. 💜
3. Self love is important but don’t me much indulgent that it leads you to selfishness. ❤️
4. Its not just you. The people around you matter especially your friends, family and above all your heavenly parents. 🧡
5. No matter how bad the person or situation is, keep the “respecting” part on the highest degree. Respect everything and everyone. Opinions, ideas and notions of people need to be respected. 💚
6. Do everything with a pure heart and expect nothing in return. 💙
7. Have faith in Allah in every matter and do not be afraid. 💜
8. Develop Love for what you’re blessed with. ❤️
9. Do not indulge yourself in things that would harm you or your parents repute. 💙
10. Work for the welfare of the people. Work for your family. Work for your nation. 🧡
11. Work on yourself and put your talent into use. 💛
12. Neither should you degrade yourself nor others. 💚
13. Keep spreading positivity, love, care and respect. ❤️

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Say something for ur someone special💙💯💐

With the gift of years comes the treasure of knowing that there are many who love you dearly.💜Between the earth and sky above nothing can match grandmother’s love. 💛💫They are diamonds, purest of all and deserve all the protection, love and lots and lots and lots of care. 🌈💚 She is my kind of special❤️🕊🌹

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