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I disagree very strongly with your opinion on the sega saturn controller from this article : (http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/KoenDeetman/20131016/202468/The_Feeling_Of_Control.php) As a long time video game enthusiast, I think the sega saturn controller is one of the best controllers ever made.

I think many people disagree with me. However, when you claim its the best controller, could you also back that in more detail? Because just saying its the best doesn't make it 'the best' :).

What kind of things annoy you?

Dutch Television annoys me pretty much.
Especially these so called 'reality stars' introduced on various commercial channels.
It seems 'intellectual content' is nowhere to be found anymore. Its all about extreme vulgar drug abusive lifestyles, educating the viewer this is the only way to be happy about yourself.
TV is dying and at this rate its going even faster in my opinion.
Oh and extremely busy shopping center's also annoy me to the bone.

nice Make Sure You Can Shift write up. I'm especially interested Houdini Engine coverage. Gametutor.TV is working with SideFX to push procedural dev education. any chance you would write an article? - Gatu is just getting going but our ideas of where the industry is headed appear to align :) best

A few people around me are also working with Houdini Engine. I think there is definitely chance I would write a more detailed article about "procedural content generation" in general.
At the moment we have two games in production using "procedural elements". When I have enough experience and information about this process, It would definitely be a subject for an article later this year.

Are you going to make a Soldier of Fortune 3?

I have thought about this indeed when I started this game development adventure.
There is still a deep-rooted love for Soldier Of Fortune within me, and I am sure I am able to create 'The Soldier of Fortune 3' we've all been craving for.
If I would like to make Soldier Of Fortune 3 officially, I would need the Soldier Of Fortune license.
Otherwise it would be released as a new franchise, feeling like a "Soldier Of Fortune" game without breaking any copyright laws.
To answer your question in short; Yes I would like to make a new Soldier Of Fortune eventually. Depending on licensing possibilities and time to execute a well designed First Person Shooter like this. At this moment I am very busy on a few other projects :)

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