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GhĀnDhĀ BāĆhĀ ✔✔☺
It really bothers me how teenagers think using words like fuck, bitch, crap, shit makes you look cool.
Like they literally greet each other by saying, "Hey bitch how are you?" or “where the fuck have you been?"
I mean just stop for a second and think about what you are actually saying. It's NOT cool, it's downright illiterate.
We come from a culture and religion where we are taught to use the words "Aadab" and "Tum per salaamti ho (may you be blessed)" when greeting someone. Not that anybody uses that anymore.
The trend now is to insult each other when meeting, it in people's mind shows some twisted kind of love. It's disgusting if you ask me.
So stop getting inspired from the American culture. It's not us and it definitely does NOT make you look cooler.

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